When Is A Relationship REALLY Over? When These 11 Things Happen


You know your relationship is over when the thought of forever (or even another day) together gives you anxiety. It’s a hard place to be in. And even though there’s no one way to indicate the end, there are sure-fire signs that probably mean it’s time to walk away.

You’re looking for a replacement.

Are you paying a little too much attention to other men? Maybe you’re not physically cheating but you’re dancing a little too close to the idea. You’re daydreaming about your ex and you’re sending flirty Snapchats to people you know you shouldn’t be in contact with. You’re looking for a replacement because you know your relationship is over.

Your goals are no longer aligned.

You want three kids and he doesn’t want any. That’s a sure fire sign the relationship is over. It’s natural for people to change, but that doesn’t mean a relationship can always handle those changes. If his idea of a family no longer matches yours and no one’s willing to compromise, then that’s that.

Trust Is Broken.

There’s only so much effort you can put into repairing something that’s broken. Once trust is gone, it’s difficult to move on. You shouldn’t waste your time and energy on a relationship you know can’t thrive.

Your sex life has plummeted.

Your sex life isn’t what it used to be. There’s no passion or excitement; you’re both just doing it because you think you have to. That’s not a good sign, especially if you’ve both tried to spice it up. If different sex positions and constant conversation can’t help, it’s emotional—you’re just not connecting anymore.

You constantly put him on the back burner.

You don’t have to spend all your time thinking about him but he should be a priority. Is he? Not if he’s the one person you always forget to text back and the one you never make plans with. If you’re putting your boyfriend on the back burner, that’s probably because the relationship is over and you know it.

Your entire life bores you.

You’re not just bored with your partner, you’re bored with your job, your education, your clothes, your friends, and your entire life. You feel numb and your emotions are all over the place—that’s a huge warning sign. It means your future doesn’t excite you, which could have something to do with your partner. Trying to imagine a life with him doesn’t excite you and therefore, your emotional health is suffering.

You’ve Stopped Caring About His Feelings.

You used to call him the second you had good news but these days, he’s the last person you consider reaching out to. His feelings have become irrelevant to you. The “we” is gone and now it’s all about the “you.” This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just means the relationship is over and it’s time for you to fly solo.

 You can barely look at him.

Getting annoyed with your partner is one thing but hating the sight of them is another thing entirely! If his touch makes you cringe and you can’t stand to be near him, that’s a problem—and a sign you need to walk away!

You constantly argue.

Every conversation finds its way to an argument. You could be talking about the weather and still find a way to blow up on each other. That doesn’t just mean the relationship is over, it also means you two have crossed over into toxic. You can’t stand one another and the only way to fix that is to break ties.

You’re too agreeable.

You both act like there’s no hostility between the two of you. You’re annoyingly pleasant and strangely agreeable. There’s no fighting, no confrontation, no raised voices, nothing. Sure, that could mean you two are the perfect couple, but there’s no such thing as the perfect couple. The truth is, you’ve both just stopped trying to put in the work.

His quirks drive you crazy.

You used to love the way he snorted when he laughed but now you hate every sound that comes out of him. That’s a huge sign you’ve fallen out of love with your partner. His “cute” quirks no longer make you smile. You’re even annoyed by the way he breathes. You know your relationship is over when everything your partner does drives you crazy!

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