White Claw Is Launching 3 New Flavors And Summer Feels Closer Than Ever

White Claw Is Launching 3 New Flavors And Summer Feels Closer Than Ever White Claw

While winter isn’t necessarily spiked seltzer season, warmer weather is just around the corner and with it, our obsession with spiked seltzer is likely to return too. Thankfully, White Claw is releasing three new delicious flavors just in time for summer and frankly, I can’t decide which to try first.

  1. The new flavors are just perfect. White Claw’s new flavors are exactly what has been missing from their range: Watermelon, Lemon, and Tangerine. The brand announced the new additions on their Twitter page on Thursday, March 5, and people immediately started freaking out because come on, this is awesome.
  2. The new flavors are part of White Claw’s new variety pack. The variety pack features cans of Tangerine, Lemon, and Watermelon alongside one of its most popular flavors: Mango. There are 12 cans per pack with three cans of each flavor and the packs sell for around $15.99, which is a total steal, especially considering how quickly these will bring summer to your doorstep (or, you know, your fridge).
  3. Hopefully we’ll be able to buy single-flavor packs in the near future. While the new White Claw flavors can only be enjoyed in the Flavor Collection No. 2 variety pack at the moment, once we all get a taste of each of them, no doubt we’ll have some new favorites. It’d be great to be able to get a six-pack of, say, just Watermelon or just Tangerine. Just saying, guys!
  4. They’re already available at retailers nationwide. While many times brands announce new releases months before you can actually get them, White Claw isn’t here to torture us. The new flavors became available on the same day the announcement was made, which is good news for everyone. You know what that means: time to head out to your local supermarket or liquor store to see if they have these in stock yet and kick back to enjoy a can (or three)!

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