Whoopi Goldberg Angry At ‘The View’ Co-Host For Revealing She Farts A Lot On Set

Whoopi Goldberg Angry At ‘The View’ Co-Host For Revealing She Farts A Lot On Set ABC

Whoopi Goldberg was more than a little annoyed with her “The View” co-star Sunny Hostin after the latter claimed that Whoopi is the one who farts the most on set. Appearing on “Watch What Happens Live!” with Andy Cohen, Hostin made the revelation during a game of “Who Won’ Check Me, View?” in which she answered questions about her co-panelists. Needless to say, Goldberg is none too pleased.

The “Sister Act” actress isn’t the only one in the hot seat. Hostin also claimed that Joy Behar and Ana Navarro are the shadiest. However, it’s Goldberg who passes the most gas while filming. And, as Hostin admitted during a follow-up interview with Cohen on Sirius XM, Whoopi “didn’t like it” one bit.

So, what’s the story with this? If you’re going to accuse someone of having flatulence problems you have to back it up with fact. Hostin was happy to do that, saying that Whoopi was audibly farting during an episode of “The View” earlier this year – or at least, she took the heat for it.

“I think the way this thing started is, Sara drinks too much water on set and she has a weak bladder and so she’s constantly with two or three mugs,” Sunny recalled. “One has seltzer water, one has hot lemon water, the other one has room-temperature water.
I really don’t understand her water process, but she kept on moving them across the table, and it made this farting noise.
And so Whoopi, in an effort to kind of cover that up … was like, ‘Sorry y’all. That was me,’ and I just took her at her word. I didn’t know it was Sara with all the waters.”

In other words, Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t actually fart much on set (that we know of), which is why she was so annoyed with Sunny Hostin.

“Whoopi said, ‘Why did you tell everybody I fart all the time?’ and I was like, ’Because you joke about farting all the time, and I’m across from the table. I can’t smell it. I don’t know! You know, whoever smelt it dealt it,” Hostin added.

However, they were able to put it all behind them since they’re so close. And hey, farting is healthy! Sounds like it was all a bunch of hot air! (Sorry, I had to!)

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