Why Do Women Like Dad Bods? Here’s Why I Prefer Them

While I’m sure there are still plenty of women out there who want dudes with bulging biceps and a six-pack, more and more of us are actually into something a bit more average. Normal guys with a bit of a belly, who don’t spend 24/7 at the gym, and who look by and large pretty regular are actually kinda hot, you know. So, why do women like dad bods so much? Here’s why I’m into them (and won’t really date guys who don’t have one).

  1. Guys with dad bods don’t take themselves too seriously. At least in my experience. Dad bods are usually an indication that a guy is cool with being himself. He knows how to laugh at himself and usually has a great sense of humor. Obviously, this isn’t a hard and fast rule across the board, but more often than not, that seems to be the case.
  2. They’re not usually vain or narcissistic. Because they’re not at the gym 24/7 and hyper-obsessed with their looks, everything isn’t always about them. I’ve dated a guy who was better looking than me before and they always had their heads stuck so far up their own butts that they couldn’t see the light of day. That’s never been the case with my dad bod dudes.
  3. They’re not super critical of women’s appearances. This is one of the biggest reasons women love dad bods, I’d say. While I’m sure there are exceptions to this rule, all the guys I’ve dated with average body types were very accepting of my body, as well. They didn’t expect me to be primped and primed to be their arm candy. They didn’t criticize me when I put on five pounds, either. It was super f**king refreshing.
  4. They tend to be super down-to-earth. No egomania here. In addition to not being vain or narcissistic, they also tend to be super laid-back, relaxed, and just chill. I’ve literally never been with an uptight guy with a dad bod. I’m sure they exist, I just haven’t met one.
  5. Cuddling with them is a lot nicer. Admittedly, it’s way more cozy to cuddle up with a guy with a bit of a beer belly than it is to one with washboard abs. I like feeling comfortable and squishy when I’m cuddling with a guy. That’s not possible when you’re dating Mr. World.
  6. I find average bodies more visually appealing. I know there are plenty of women who love bodybuilder-type guys, but that’s not me. There’s just something that’s way more physically attractive to me about a guy with a dad bod. He looks… soft and cuddling, like he could wrap me up in his arms and hold me close. Ugh, I just love it.
  7. They don’t mind “ugly days.” We all have days when we feel less than our best. Thankfully, my dad bod dudes are down to celebrate these days with me rather than making me feel bad about it. We just loaf around on the couch eating Chinese and wearing stained sweatpants together and it feels great.
  8. I can pig out with them without feeling self-conscious. I don’t have to think to myself, “Ooh, I’d better have the salad” when we go out to eat. In fact, I’ve shared racks of ribs with my exes before. Guys with dad bods tend to like seeing women eat rather than pretending we subsist on Diet Coke and air.
  9. There’s so much less pressure from the outside too. When I’ve dated guys before who were “hot” by society’s standards, there was always so much pressure on me to live up to their standards. I never felt good enough. I felt like people were looking down on me and thinking I wasn’t good enough for him. That got to me. Thankfully, when I’m dating a guy with a dad bod, we feel more evenly matched, if that makes sense. Obviously, it shouldn’t matter what other people think, but anyone who says they don’t care is lying.
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