Why Intelligent Women Struggle To Find Longlasting Love

Intelligence is one of the most attractive qualities you can have, but for those of us who possess a higher than average IQ or some pretty intense street smarts, that characteristic can work against us. Many of us find it much harder to meet someone with whom we connect on a deeper level and therefore we end up staying single much longer. Here’s why intelligent women struggle a bit more than average when it comes to love.

We want the real thing.

Intelligent women want real, long-lasting love. We don’t want fake, we don’t want temporary, and we don’t want to waste our time. We’re looking for a partner that respects us, prioritizes us, and who knows how to treat a woman. We’re not looking for people we have to train or fix. We have our own projects to do, and relationships shouldn’t be one of them.

We don’t fall for lies and bulls**t.

Because intelligent women have heard every BS excuse and lie in the book, it’s pretty hard to get anything past us. We can spot a player a hundred miles away and we’re not going to fall for all the crap that a lot of guys try to pull when they’re not 100% into the relationship but don’t want to cut things off. Because of that, we’d rather wait for someone who’s actually capable of and interested in love than waste our time and energy.

We know better than to lower our standards.

We have high (but totally reasonable) standards and expectations when it comes to the people we date and the relationships we’re in. If the person we’re seeing undermines those standards, ignores our boundaries, or simply isn’t interested in them either way, intelligent women have no problem walking away. We could never love someone who doesn’t respect us.

We find just as much fulfillment in being alone.

Intelligent women want love, of course – we’re only human. However, we’re also really comfortable with our own company and legitimately enjoy spending time on our own. We know better than to believe the lie that we need a partner in order to live a happy, fulfilled life. Because of that, we’re not in as much of a hurry to jump into anything. A potential partner has to prove that they’re worth it.

We need someone who’s on our level.

Yes, we’re well aware that we need to be on our partner’s level as well. Relationships are all about a partnership of equals, and intelligent women want intelligent men (or other intelligent women/people). If we’re coming from two different places, it’ll never work. We’re happy to hold out until we find what we’re looking for.

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