Why Introverts Make The Best Partners

Writing off an introvert as lame or boring is short-sighted. There are many perks of dating a quiet-loving homebody with a rich internal life. If you’ve ever considered being in a relationship with an introvert, here are 10 reasons you won’t be disappointed. After all, we make the best partners.

  1. We will go to great lengths to make the home cozy. Our space is our sanctuary. However enjoyable outings may be, being in different places around a bunch of people is draining. When we are home, we want to be able to relax as much as possible. We’re all for candles, dim light, light scents wafting through the air, peaceful chords from a classical music track in the background, or simply silence and Zen. If we invite you into our homes, we want you to be just as comfortable as we are, so you can expect those simple thoughtful touches that show you’re included in our personal spaces.
  2. We know how to be deep. Relationships with introverts are not likely to be superficial. We don’t socialize for the sheer purpose of socializing. We value the quality of relationships over quantity. We want to be around people who energize us, or at the very least, don’t completely drain us. Relationships with us are meaningful because we know how to look inward, which allows us to use the same ability to truly analyze who you are on the inside.
  3. We’re less likely to cheat. For one, we’re mostly homebodies. So unless we’re cheating with the UPS man it’s not like we’re constantly meeting new people. We’re not going to be active in the club/bar scene or frequenting house parties and social events. Our outings are more than likely routine- trips to our favorite quiet coffee shop, browsing for our next murder-mystery novel at the library, enjoying fine art at a gallery, etc. If there’s no racy attire or alcohol involved, you can be pretty assured when we do go out it will be for level headed, clean fun and not a wild night of surprises and slip-ups.
  4. We’re more likely to be monogamous. This ties back to the quality over quantity preference. If we do commit to a relationship, that’s probably about all we have the energy to deal with. It’s way too much work and effort for us to manage to get to know more than one partner on an intimate level and have to frequent public spaces with multiple different people. And we certainly don’t want revolving doors into our home sanctuaries. We’re content to enjoy our company and a plus one and that’s it.
  5. We’re good listeners. Introverts don’t tend to be chatty, attention-seeking people. In fact, we prefer the spotlight off of us. So if you want to take the stage and drone on- fine with us! We’ll listen to you as long as needed to avoid having to chime in and speak up ourselves. We keep most of our thoughts and feelings on the inside, anyway.
  6. Your secrets are safe with us. I mean, who are we going to tell- the latest book we have our nose in? You’re not going to find us out and about in the middle of the gossip scene. We’re more inward people anyway, so your secrets are going to be stored in our thoughts along with whatever else we’re musing over. We don’t have a need to outpour as much.
  7. We’re low-key. We’re probably not going to be the people you have to hide a phone tracker on or stay up late all hours wondering where we are or what we’re doing. We may come off as boring to some, but we’re doing what we find enjoyable- which are usually quiet, peaceful activities. We just don’t find massive excitement, chaos, and drama entertaining.
  8. We’re pretty predictable. Where are we on a Friday night? Probably home. Gift-giving should be pretty easy for us- probably some self-care product, household item, or quiet entertainment (related to books, music, or art) suits us just fine. We’re even the type of people who enjoy something as simple as fuzzy socks and a candle.
  9. Our feelings are genuine. We value peace. So if we have you in our space and circle, then we’ve decided you don’t disrupt that. Which is a total compliment. We want to be comfortable and we’re comfortable with you and your energy. That should make you feel good to know when you’re around us.
  10. You don’t have to hide us. Some partners can’t be brought anywhere because all they do is flirt! While it may be meaningless and “just in their nature” to them, it’s embarrassing and hurtful to you. Well, another perk of an introvert is we’re less likely to want to elicit that type of open attention on ourselves in public- therefore, flirting is not something you have to worry about from us.
I’m Cara, not to be confused with Carrie, although you could say I’m a Millennial Bradshaw of sorts. Pop culture connoisseur. Lover of all things creative and passionate about health and personal well-being. Follow me on IG @cara_vale_writer