Why Is It So Hard To Walk Away From An Almost Relationship?

If there’s one thing that you have in common with every other woman who’s actively dating, it’s that you’ve probably had more than your fair share of almost relationships. They’re the ultimate false start and can make you feel like real love will never, ever happen for you. They suck a lot, but no matter how many times you find yourself in this situation, you never want to believe the signs. It should be easy to walk away from an almost relationship, so why is it so hard?

You’re so close. 

You have to give it to the almost relationship: it’s a pretty perfect name. You’re almost in a relationship, but not quite. You’ve met someone awesome that would be a great BF but for a million reasons, that’s just not happening. You’re one conversation away from making things official, and that’s what keeps you coming back for more, despite your best intentions.

Everything feels more intense. 

You want so badly for this guy to be your real boyfriend that it feels like every part of you is screaming 24/7. Every kiss, every look, every inside joke feels that much more intense because you want it to mean so much more than it actually does. You take nothing for granted because you don’t know how long this is going to last or if tomorrow the crap is going to hit the fan.

You’re determined. 

New guy, same crappy situation, but you think you can change him. You can totally convince him that you’re the coolest girl he’s ever met, right? You couldn’t be more wrong, and inside you know it, but you keep trying as hard as you can. You can’t walk away until you’ve given it your all.

You totally can’t even with dating.

 This is totally fair, but staying in your crappy almost relationship so you don’t have to make awful small talk on dates is the worst idea ever. You’re just prolonging your total misery and you’re going to get hurt eventually.

You think it’s your fault. 

It’s hard to remember that literally every person who is single and dating gets into these crappy situations. You keep thinking you’re the reason you’re always the almost GF and never the real one. So you stay longer than you should, waiting and basically wasting your own time.

You’re really into him. 

You like this guy so, so much, and you can’t imagine not having him in your life anymore. You’re holding on so tight you don’t even realize he’s not really even in your life at all.

You’re being charmed. 

Let’s face it: this guy is super charming and adorable or you wouldn’t like him in the first place. He’s making you believe that there’s something worth sticking around for. But if you want a broken heart and a confused mind, sure, stay. If you want an actual relationship and some self-respect, it’s time to finally break the cycle and walk away for good — not just from this guy, but from every future guy who doesn’t see how truly amazing you are.

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