Woman Claims To Have A Condition In Which She ‘Dies’ 3 Times A Month

Woman Claims To Have A Condition In Which She ‘Dies’ 3 Times A Month Beverley Gilmour

A 57-year-old British woman who suffered a traumatic brain injury in her 20s claims she now has a condition in which she “dies” three times a month. Beverley Gilmour, from Birkenhead, said she’s been medically diagnosed with a “disorder of consciousness.” While that term is usually given to someone in e vegetative state, she’s alive and well… most of the time.

According to Gilmour, when she’s about to “die,” she feels her heart stop and her body shut down. Next, she has an out-of-body experience in which she meets a variety of people, from Walt Disney to Jesus Christ and even her own deceased father.

While Gilmour insists she’s not religious, she does have a “private” relationship with Christ. Meanwhile, Disney has given her previously unreleased stories which she writes down when she wakes up.

“He was showing stories and when I met him there was an amazing building and the wood felt alive and well preserved,” she told MailOnline. “When I came back I would go back into a trance and write down his stories and draw pictures of everything he has shown me. He showed me these characters and I became one of his characters and lived out one of his stories.”

She added: “I would sit and listen to him and he would appear with these characters and he would tell me the names of these characters and their personalities and what they did in life, where they came from, and their origins.”

Beverley Gilmour is now in contact with researchers at the University of Liege’s Coma Science Group to understand exactly what’s happening to her. A Ph.D. student is studying her to hopefully find some answers. However, given that science has essentially disproved the possibility of life after death and out-of-body experiences have no scientific basis, it’s unlikely there will be any clarity here.

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