Woman Looking For ‘A-Grade Men’ Uses LinkedIn As A Dating App With Pretty Solid Results

The dating scene is rough — yes, duh + understatement of the century — and people are having to get creative when it comes to finding potential partners. That means looking beyond your standard dating apps like Tinder and Hinge and utilizing other online hotspots to scope out potential partners. That’s exactly what TikToker @candi.licious is doing — in fact, she’s been finding a decent amount of success by using LinkedIn as a dating site.

  1. LinkedIn is for professional use, not personal. Generally speaking, people are on LinkedIn to forge and foster professional connections. It’s where you go to share professional achievements, look for new jobs, and showcase your skills in the hope that an employer might think you’re a good candidate for an awesome company. However, there’s nothing to say it can’t have personal uses, as well.
  2. There are no lengths she won’t go to in order to find love. As part of an experiment the TikToker is doing to try 10 dating apps in 10 weeks, she’s tried out the likes of Tinder, Hinge, and several others. However, she also threw some more unconventional choices into the mix and hit up LinkedIn for potential partners. Oddly enough, she found it had some advantages over traditional apps when it comes to paring down the dating pool.
  3. LinkedIn lets @candi.licious find “Grade-A men.” She’s a successful professional and wants to find men who are on her level. LinkedIn makes that a bit easier. “Why am I using LinkedIn as a dating app? The filters!” she answered in response to a viewer who wanted to know why she was using the business-centered site for love. “Number one, I can filter for an education, MBA baby. Number two, I can filter by industry. I’m looking at doctor, lawyer, finance bro.”
  4. It just offers more information on potential suitors all around. In addition to allowing @candi.licious to see what these guys do for a living, she can also find out other vital information that helps her decide whether they’re a good choice. “Number three, I can filter by country, very important. Unfortunately, I’m unable to filter by height but at least there are very good-looking photos that I can kind of do height analysis on,” she added.
  5. A lot of people agreed that LinkedIn is a solid way to form romantic connections as well as professional ones. Several people came into the comments to say that they’d found partners on LinkedIn. One person even claimed that she checked her Tinder date out on LinkedIn and that they’re now married. How much of a role LinkedIn played in that is anyone’s guess, but that’s encouraging?
  6. However, not everyone is convinced that this is a great idea. A few people pointed out that most people aren’t hanging out on LinkedIn all the time and regularly updating their profiles. In other words, you could be seeing a very old photo of someone or reading about qualifications or jobs they haven’t had for years.
  7. @candi.licious is still on the hunt for love. While LinkedIn might still eventually bring her the Prince Charming she’s seeking, she’s continuing to try other dating apps to up her chances. Best of luck to her, either way!

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Replying to @adaleowsg I’m looking for A-grade men and @linkedin has A-grade filters! its all part of my effort to try #10appsin10weeks and make #datinginsingapore a little more fun! #candilicious

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