Woman Admits She Makes Flash Cards After One-Night Stands To Remember Guys She’s Slept With

When you hook up with someone, it’s not always easy to remember much about them once the liaison is over, and that’s a shame. Sure, you may never see them again, but if you had a good experience with them, it’d be nice to be able to recall the details of your partner and the night (or the few hours) you spent together. That’s why TikTok user Mollie Miller says she makes flashcards whenever she sleeps with a new guy.


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She made the revelation in response to another user. A question was going around TikTok asking people if they were actually able to remember the name of every single person they’ve slept with. Mollie could, and that’s all thanks to the flashcards. It seems like she’s onto a good thing here!

It may seem like she’s making this up, but she’s not! To prove her point, she actually brought out some of the flashcards she’s made, each of which contain the name of the person she slept with along with some key facts about the event, such as how it came about, whether or not she or the guy got off, and whether she’d be interested in seeing him again. She even added a smiley or frowny face depending on the outcome.

She’s been making these flashcards for years. Mollie is a very organized person, to the point that she keeps her flashcards in chronological order so she knows who she slept with when. “I was a bartender in New York City for nine years so I have plenty of [stories],” she explained. “I started doing it because it’s really important to practice safe sex and to keep a record of who you’re involved with. I also have a slight obsession with filling out forms, so this was my way of doing that.”

People are pretty impressed with Mollie’s skills. As one user commented: “I ain’t even met that many people in my life. Let alone people who would willingly sleep with me. That’s a move though girl.” Another added: “Ma’am you could create an entire TikTok account based on these cards.” Seriously, this is pretty amazing!


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♬ original sound – Mollie Miller

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