These Anti-Chafing Shorts Make Summer Chub Rub A Non-Issue

Summer is here, ladies, and that means the return of the horrendous occurrence known as chub rub for many of us. You don’t have to be “fat” or even overweight to suffer from this tragic and painful phenomenon (but who cares if you are when you’re so hot anyway?), but you also don’t have to bear it year after year. All you need is a pair of anti-chafing shorts* to wear under dresses or even on their own with a cute t-shirt and you’ll be gloriously pain-free.

You’ve tried other methods and they haven’t worked, right? I’m here to tell you that I’ve tried roll-on balms and liquids, powder, and basically every other trick in the book and none of it has really been all that successful. The shorts, on the other hand, are genius and have completed solved the chub rub problem for me.

These anti-chafing shorts are made by Chaffree. While many people wear these as underwear of sorts, they are fine enough to wear as stand-alone shorts when you’re working out or just hanging around the house since the fabric is thick enough. They also come in a range of basic colors including white, tan, black, and beige.

They’re high-waisted too. While not particularly marketed as high-waisted, depending on how long your torso is, these anti-chafing shorts also come up quite high which is a feature I definitely appreciate. What can I say? I enjoy feeling “secure” and tucked into my clothes. I know, I’m weird.

They’re not just for women! Chaffree does menswear too, just FYI. After all, dudes get chub rub too, right?

They’re semi-expensive but totally worth the investment. You can get your own pair of anti-chafing shorts on Amazon for just under $35. That may seem like a lot, but given the multi-use nature of them and the fact that they solve one of life’s major pains, I think it’s totally worth it.

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