Woman Says She Can’t Make Female Friends Because She’s Too Attractive And Their Boyfriends Want Her

A model and Instagram influencer claims that she has no female friends because she’s so attractive that all their boyfriends want her. Moriah Mills, 27, would love more girlfriends but says she’s happy enough to be a “loner” because she enjoys her own company. “It’s always been me, myself and I, being a bit of a loner and preferring my own company,” she said. Fair enough!

Moriah doesn’t mind not having friends because she loves herself. While we all need company sometimes, Moriah isn’t stressing about it because she finds it hard to trust anyway. “I don’t really trust people and I don’t worry that I haven’t got a best friend. I used to care but now I just love myself,” she said. Fair enough.

She claims other women just don’t accept her for who she is. Moriah finds it especially hard to connect with women because she finds that her appearance stands in the way. “Most females have been judgemental about me because their husbands and boyfriends want me,” she explained. I’m super nice but maybe they feel that I’m conceited because of my looks. They couldn’t be more wrong. I’m very down to earth.”

She’s always been shy, even when she was young. Not only was she very shy, but she also found it hard to trust people and therefore kept herself back from making many friends. “It never bothered me very much, I worked hard and although there were people that I liked and would speak to I wasn’t close to them,” she said. “I never trusted people enough to get close to them.”

Don’t feel bad for her – she has plenty in her life. While she’s trying to branch out and get to know more people and open herself up to other connections, she’s doing just fine in the meantime. “I’m trying to trust people more, which may lead to a friendship eventually but I’m really not bothered,” she said. “I work for myself and I have my super cute dog, Charlie. That’s all I need.”

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