Woman Poured Acid On Sleeping Boyfriend Because She Wrongly Believed He Was Having An Affair Met Police

Woman Poured Acid On Sleeping Boyfriend Because She Wrongly Believed He Was Having An Affair

A jealous woman scarred her ex-boyfriend for life after she poured a liter of sulphuric acid over him as he slept because she wrongly believed he was having an affair. Esther Afrifa, 28, planned the attack in advance and left Kelvin Pogo, 29, with serious injuries. Thankfully, justice is being served as she was recently sentenced to 14 years behind bars.

Afrifa tried to keep Pogo from calling for help. After she threw the acid over him in their London apartment at roughly 3:30 a.m., she’s said to have gone to great lengths to stop him from getting help. At first, he didn’t realize she was responsible and asked her to call 911. She pretended to do so but blocked his friends from calling and canceled a taxi that would take him to the hospital.

She attacked him more than once. While he was lying on the sofa in terrible pain, Afrifa came back and poured even more acid all over his face and body. He eventually left their apartment screaming and was helped by a passing stranger.

Afrifa believed he was cheating with a college classmate. That’s why she had no qualms about injuring him so severely. According to the Daily Mail, she also claimed that she tried to get Pogo to drink acid from a Nike sports bottle but he has always distrusted tap water due to his youth spent in Africa. This ultimately saved him.

Pogo still deals with PTSD as a result of the attack. “Every day I wake up is like the day she attacked me,” he told the Standard. “Every time there’s a knock at the door I’m scared someone is going to hurt me. She used to be my world and she did this to me. I just can’t understand it.” He’s been left with permanent damage to his head, face, eyes, and upper body as a result of the attack.

Judge Charles Bourne QC sentenced Afrifa to 14 years behind bars. During sentencing, he called her actions “a truly wicked thing to do.” It’s believed she will be deported to Ghana following her release.

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