Woman’s Valentine’s Day Present For Her Husband Consists Of All The Pictures Of Other Women He’s Liked On Instagram

Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love, when couples can be more romantic than they are the rest of the year in showing their love and appreciation for one another. However, one woman on TikTok took a different approach this year, gifting her husband with a collection of all the photos of other women he’d been liking on Instagram. Well, that’s… thoughtful?


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  1. Is it okay to like other women’s (or men’s) photos on social media? When you’re in a relationship, is it inappropriate to like other people’s pictures on social media? That’s up for debate and everyone seems to disagree on this. Many people consider it flirting with/hitting on someone who’s not your partner, while others see it as completely harmless and no big deal.
  2. TikTok user @gr93la, a woman named Gloria, seemed to take it well. While many women would be infuriated to know their partners were liking other women’s photos on Instagram, this tongue-in-cheek seems to indicate that Gloria feels pretty secure in her relationship and thinks it’s funny. “I hope he likes it,” she said of the gift, which consisted of printed-out photos of the women attached to sticks and placed into an arrangement.
  3. Many people applauded her for the gift. They believe it indicated that she’s very confident, has a good sense of humor, and doesn’t get overly uptight about things. After all, her husband is with her and double-tapping someone’s photos doesn’t mean you want to leave your partner for them or that you’re having an affair.
  4. Some believed it was “toxic.” There were critics of the unconventional gift, with some commenters claiming that she was encouraging her husband to like other women’s photos and also belittling herself/making herself look insecure. Oh well! Hopefully her husband got as much of a laugh out if it as Gloria probably did!
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