Women Have Periods, So You Don’t Need To Be Ashamed Of Yours

Women Have Periods, So You Don’t Need To Be Ashamed Of Yours ©iStock/NKS_Imagery

Your monthly visitor. Aunt Flo. Code red. For decades, learning the secret language of how to tell someone you’re on your period has been a rite of passage as much as getting your period itself. And the kids these days are getting creative. Ever heard of shark week? Arts and crafts week at Panty Camp? There are a million and one ways to tell our friends, family, boyfriends, and colleagues that we’re on our period. But why? Getting your period is a natural, normal thing, and we should be talking about it in clear, direct language.

Here’s why you should say it loud, and say it proud. I’M ON MY PERIOD!

  1. Many people, even some women, have no idea about the debilitating side effects that can come with your period. Not all periods are the same. If yours makes you absolutely miserable for an entire week, TELL PEOPLE THAT. Otherwise, everyone will be left wondering why you look like Frankenstein, including walking around and going “UGGGGGGGGGH” all week.
  2. Sometimes the subtle code talk is just totally lost on guys. I remember the early days of my relationship where during my period I would try to subtly guide his hands back up above my waist and tell him it’s not a good time. Sure, it’s not impossible, but it’s not for everyone. Ladies, guys are clueless. They’re just super confused about why you’re suddenly rejecting all of his advances. Don’t make him play 20 questions. Just tell him
  3. PMS is real. And you don’t want people to think you’re just a bitch.
  4. You girls can spot for you. Ever catch yourself doing weird backbend-y stretches to make sure you’re not spotting through when you can’t make it to the bathroom for a little while? Does that sound gross to you? I’ll tell you what’s even more gross: a backside full of blood. Tell your BFF that you’ve got your period and have her keep an eye out.
  5. If we never talk about how much it sucks, it’s less likely that we’ll come up with creative ways for it to suck less. It’s about progress, people. It’s 2015 and the most common way to deal with our periods is still to shove a phallic-shaped object up there? Is that really the best we can do?
  6. The more we talk about it, the more we can advocate for accommodations. Like free tampons in the bathroom. Because being caught without one is seriously miserable. Or a boss who doesn’t judge you for taking a sick day so you can lie in bed and moan. It’s all about asking for what you want. 
  7. Feminism is all about owning your body and not being ashamed of it. Why should we be embarrassed about something that happens to every woman of a certain age, every month? Let’s own this, together.
Jessica Levy is a freelance blogger and content writer. She’s also a politics junkie, a fledgling foodie, and a frequent traveler. She has lived in Morocco, Israel, India, and Barbados, and never wants to be cold again. Follow her on Twitter!