A Rare 55-Year-Old Japanese Whiskey Is About To Go On Sale, But Only To 100 Lucky Customers

If you’re a fan of whiskey, you may want to scrape your spare change together if you hope to have a chance at purchasing a bottle of Yamazaki 55, the oldest single-malt whiskey sold by Japanese brand Suntory, that’s going on sale in the next couple of days. There’s just one catch: you’ll have to literally win the lottery to get one.

  1. There are only 100 bottles available. This extremely limited-edition whiskey is limited in quantity too, with only 100 bottles up for grabs. Exclusivity tends to make things even more desirable, so there will be no shortage of people wanting to get a hold of this.
  2. To buy one, you’ll have to enter a lottery system. Entries are only open until February 14, and you’ll need a mailing list in Japan to be able to enter since the bottle can’t be shipped internationally. If you don’t live there, this is a perfect time to make friends if a vintage bottle of Yamazaki is to be in your future. Successful applicants will be able to buy from June 30, according to Reuters.
  3. If you are lucky enough to be drawn, it’ll cost you a pretty penny. If you live in Japan or know someone there whose address you can use, that’s the first step. The second is actually winning the opportunity to buy a bottle. If you’re successful in that regard as well, get ready to cough up $27,347 per bottle of Yamazaki 55 whiskey. Yes, really.
  4. Is it worth that kind of money? That depends on who you ask, I suppose. If you love vintage single-malt whiskey, the answer might very well be yes. Insider reports that “Chief blender Shinji Fukuyo describes the result as having a rich flavor profile balanced between sweet and woody with a pleasantly lingering taste.” Oh, and it’s matured in mizunara and white oak casks, if that’s an important factor for you. Sounds delicious, but could you perhaps get the same at a bit of a cheaper price? Who can say, but something tells me there will be plenty of buyers happy to shell out the cash for some Yamazaki 55.


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