If You’re Not Completely Into Me, Stop Wasting My Time

If You’re Not Completely Into Me, Stop Wasting My Time iStock

I’ve never been the type to do anything halfway, and dating is no exception. If you come into my life romantically, you’re either all the way in or all the way out. I don’t have time to play guessing games to try and figure out if you’re really interested in dating me or if you’re just exploring your options. If you’re not completely into me, stop wasting my time and just go.

  1. I’m a busy woman, so if you’re getting my attention, consider yourself lucky. I don’t pay attention to just anyone, so if I’m giving you my time, it’s because you intrigue me and I’m open to seeing where things could go. I’m not looking for a chat buddy or someone to text when I feel lonely. I have an adult life of my own that’s busy as hell, so ask me out on a real date or lose my number — it’s that simple.
  2. I’m not looking for part-time love — it’s full-time or no time. I’ve been roped into almost relationships and mixed signals plenty of times before and I’m completely over the confusion; I want something truly real and meaningful now. I’m at the point in my life where I want one person who’s completely in my life and I won’t waste my efforts on anything less.
  3. You either want to get to know me in a real way or you don’t — it’s pretty simple. As great as you might be, I need someone in my life who’s going to make a real effort toward getting to know me — and that includes makings plans with me and asking me more about myself than just basic surface facts. I’m looking for something deeper and if you can’t rise to the occasion, please just leave me alone so I can continue living my life without you in it.
  4. Your vague texting skills are confusing AF — just tell me what the deal is. Asking me how my day is over text all the time or how my weekend gets boring AF after a while. Why aren’t we making memories together? What is the point of all of this talking if we’re never going to get together? Why exactly are you wasting my time? Ugh.
  5. If you want to get to know me, do it face-to-face instead of texting me at your convenience. I’m not some girl you can just text when you’re bored and lonely — I’m a real person with a real grown-up life of my own to live and sorry, but I really don’t care to waste my time on useless chats with someone that won’t amount to anything more. I have better and more productive things I could be doing in my life than filling an empty void in your day.
  6. I want a guy who knows what he wants. I’ve spent a lot of time working on myself to know concretely what it is I want and have time for in my life, and what I need is a grown man who’s on my same wavelength. This isn’t a game of operation where you tiptoe your way around my heart. If you’re not ready to go in completely and start dating me like a proper adult should, don’t bother coming at me at all.
  7. I value loyalty, so if you don’t, you need to go ASAP. I’m an extremely loyal woman, so if I’m talking to you, flirting with you, and giving you my attention, you’re the only person I’m doing that with. Maybe I’m old school or maybe I’m naive, but I don’t give a crap because that’s how I operate. If I’m simply another woman in your flock, let me go. I’d rather continue my flight solo.
  8. I want someone who’s on the same page. I don’t want to have to wonder and constantly question how you feel about me so if you’re treating me casually and not making any real effort, I’m going to move on pretty quickly and become turned off by your poor attempts at keeping my interest. The only guy I have time for is the guy who knows my time is valuable (and so is his). I don’t want either of us to waste our time on nothing when we could be working towards building something together.
  9. I’ve got stuff to do. These lazy attempts at testing my waters are becoming lousy and so routine that I just can’t be bothered anymore. Modern dating culture has bred a level of laziness I can’t ever comprehend. I have a career to continue slaying, a home to keep in order, a social life to enjoy, and hobbies to stimulate me so if you’re not completely into me, please just get out of my life and stop wasting my time.