I’ve Been Screwed Over So Many Times, It’s No Wonder My Idea Of Love Is Messed Up

After a lot of tears and heartache, I thought I was ready to give love a shot once again. But attempting to find Mr. Right after a string of failed romances only made me realize how completely messed up I am when it comes to dating and relationships.  This is how getting screwed over so many times has completely screwed up my perception of love.

I Don’t Even Care Anymore. I hate to admit it, but I find it hard to care about the littlest things when it comes to dating. When a guy starts telling me his life story or starts telling me about his day, my eyes glaze over. I know the second I start to care, things will come to a screeching halt. so it’s best for me to not give two sh*ts about what he’s saying and how he’s doing. It helps me keep my emotions at bay and in check if I don’t get too attached.

I’m Not Willing to Take Risks. In the past, I would jump into relationships feet-first without taking the time to really think things through. Was this guy really right for me? Were we really as compatible as I thought? I had no idea, and I didn’t care. But being so willing to give my heart away backfired on me in the end. With my perception of love all screwed up, I’m no longer willing to take risks when it comes to relationships. If the perfect guy were to come my way, I’m pretty sure I’d miss out on the chance of finally experiencing real love.

I Write Nice Guys Off Right Away. Nice guys don’t stand a chance. I automatically assume their niceness is just a ploy to win me over. Because I’ve dealt with so many jerks in the past, It’s almost impossible for me to believe that there are genuinely nice guys out there so I write them off to save myself from more heartache.

I Keep My Guard Up at All Times. My easygoing nature is a thing of the past. I constantly have my guard up to protect myself, and I’m not sure I will ever be able to open myself up to love again. Keeping a guard up allows me to shield myself from guys who don’t have good intentions, but it also makes it impossible for the good guys to show me they’re worth my time.

I Think All Guys Are the Same. All guys now get lumped into the same category: F*ckboys. I just assume they all act the same, they all want to play games, and none of them are looking to settle down into a serious relationship. Giving all guys the same label makes dating pretty pointless, and I have my past heartbreaks to thank for that.

I’m Cold and Distant. In my mind, falling in love is now associated with all things bad and negative, so I can’t help but feel cold and distant when a guy shows interest in me. My new perception of love closes me off from new dating prospects, leaving me feeling cold and heartless on the inside.

I Dig for Red Flags. My failed relationships have taught me to dig for red flags, especially when things seem too perfect. In the back of my head, I always assume a guy is hiding something from me, so I start digging to confirm my fears. Anything he says or does can be converted into a red flag in my eyes. I know this is an unhealthy way to approach relationships, but I just can’t help it. I’m completely screwed up.

I Can’t Trust Anyone. In the past, every time I trusted someone, they ended up breaking my heart. Instead of getting played and tossed to the side, I just don’t trust anyone. The bad experiences make it hard for me to identify any new guy as trustworthy, and instead of giving guys a shot to prove me wrong that not everyone is out hurt me, I just refuse to put my faith in anyone.

I’m More Comfortable When There’s Drama. When things are going well, I’m secretly just waiting for the other shoe to drop. I know it’s only a matter of time before everything blows up in my face. But the sad part is: I’m more comfortable when there’s drama. My skewed mind believes relationships are only real when there’s turmoil, sadness and arguing involved.

I Always Expect Love to End. I live with the idea that every relationship has an expiration date. All of my past relationships came to an end, so I just assume my new romances won’t last. I mentally prepare myself for one of us to pull the plug, and this has hindered me in so many ways. I no longer live in the moment, and I anticipate a falling out. Loving someone and being with them forever just seems unrealistic at this point.

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