10 Signs You’re Acting Like The “Crazy Girlfriend”

10 Signs You’re Acting Like The “Crazy Girlfriend” iStock

There’s nothing worse than men that invalidate women by writing them off as “crazy” whenever they express a concern or an unpleasant feeling. It happens all the time, and on 99% of occasions, it’s completely off-base. However, there are some times when your behavior could legitimately be giving unhinged. If you do these things, sorry, but you’re the perfect embodiment of a “crazy” girlfriend.

  1. You get upset when he wasn’t the first one to contact you that day. Our overall dependence on technology has significantly increased our attachment to our significant other.  However, if you expect to communicate with him at all hours of the day and get extremely upset if he hasn’t yet had the chance to send you a quick text message that morning, you really need to chill.
  2. You follow up on your last text again… and again… and again. If you text first and he hasn’t yet answered, you send a follow-up text, and then another one, and another one. You don’t even think of the possibility that he hasn’t texted you first because he’s actually busy. Or, if he did respond, but then suddenly stopped, he may have been in the middle of something and wanted to at least send one response to let you know he’s alive.
  3. You check all modes of communication to find out the last time he was online. When you get to the point where it’s been an hour and you still haven’t heard from him, you break out into panic mode. You stalk his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to see the time of his last login and you’re anxiously waiting to see that he recently liked something so you can call him out on it.
  4. You forbid him from hanging out with his guy friends. Boys will be boys. They need bro time and not necessarily for any specific reason, but just to be around their friends – you know what it’s like to need a girl’s night. Let him have his time with his friends. He can’t be with you 100% of the time, and you shouldn’t want him to be.
  5. You forbid him from having any female friends. This is always going to be a touchy subject for us, especially with knowing how common cheating is these days. It’s hard to trust your boyfriend in the midst of other females, but they may have genuinely platonic friends that they’ve known for years, which you shouldn’t be threatened about. After all, you’d be pissed if they forbid you from hanging out with your guy friends, so you shouldn’t apply the double standard.
  6. You want to be included in ALL of his plans. Ladies, make sure that you have a life outside of your relationship as well as friends other than your boyfriend and his friends. You don’t need to go with him to every single social outing. It’s okay for you to do things separately, so don’t pressure him to include you in all of his plans.
  7. You expect him to say yes to everything you ask of him. The last thing guys want is to be pressured into doing things that they don’t want to do. It’s impossible to expect one person to do everything. Just because he’s unable to make it to dinner plans with your parents doesn’t mean he loves you any less.
  8. You pick fights with him just for the hell of it. Yes, it’s understandable that PMS can get the best of us. Sometimes, we just feel like unleashing all of our anger on him, but it shouldn’t become a common thing. He doesn’t want to fight you and you shouldn’t start a fire for no reason. You might end up saying things you don’t mean and it only takes one really bad fight to ruin an entire relationship.
  9. You call him out on all of the things he does wrong. Having someone nit-pick your flaws is annoying and hurtful. Don’t bruise his ego out of spite and tell him all the things he does wrong. It’s unnecessary and it will push him away. If anything, try to find a positive way to provide constructive feedback.
  10. You try to dictate his entire schedule. Don’t try to control his life. Just because you are his girlfriend doesn’t mean you’re entitled to tell him what to do and manage his schedule day in and day out. It’s a relationship, not a dictatorship.
Lindsey is a Digital Advertising Professional and Freelance Writer based in New York City. In her spare time, she enjoys running, traveling, and drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee. Follow her on Twitter @lindseyruns