10 Signs You’re Dealing With A Seasoned Liar Who Rarely Tells The Truth

10 Signs You’re Dealing With A Seasoned Liar Who Rarely Tells The Truth

We’ve all crossed paths with someone who seems to have a Ph.D. in complete and total BS. They’re the ones who could say the sky is purple, and for a second, you’d actually look up to check. Dealing with a seasoned liar can be like trying to solve a mystery where the clues keep changing. They’ve honed their craft to an art form where the truth becomes a needle in a haystack of fiction. So, how do you spot people like this? Let’s sift through the signs that you’re dealing with a person for whom the truth is a rarity.

1. Their Stories Are Just a Bit Too Polished.

You know the type. They tell you a story, and everything’s just a bit too cinematic. The timing, the punchlines, the heroic finish – it’s like they’ve storyboarded their entire life. These stories are rehearsed, refined, and ready for Broadway. But when you’re listening, something in your gut twitches. It’s like watching a movie where the sets are amazing, but the plot has holes you could drive a truck through.

2. They’re Vague About the Details.

Trying to get specifics out of some people is like trying to get a cat to walk on a leash – good luck. They throw out details that are as clear as mud: “Oh, you know, that place near that thing by that other thing.” It’s a maze of vagueness. They keep their stories cloudier than a foggy morning, and when you try to clarify, suddenly they can’t remember. Convenient, huh?

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4. They Have an Excuse for Everything.

Miss an appointment? Dog ate their car keys. Late on rent? The bank must have lost their payment. They’ve got a list of excuses longer than a CVS receipt and just as flimsy. Every time you question them, they’re locked and loaded with a reason that dodges responsibility like a pro. It’s an art form, really – the Art of Excusology.

5. They’re Charismatic and Charming.

Charm can be like a magic dust for liars, and seasoned ones use it by the bucketload. They can make you laugh, make you feel like you’re the only one in the room, and make you forget why you were suspicious in the first place. It’s a talent – they’re likeable, they’re delightful, and they know exactly how to sprinkle just enough charm into the mix to keep you from questioning those too-good-to-be-true tales.

6. They Flip the Script When Confronted.

And here’s the kicker – if you ever catch them and try to call them out, they flip it so fast you’ll get whiplash. Suddenly, you’re not the concerned friend; you’re the one with trust issues. “After all we’ve been through, you think I’d lie?” they say, and you’re left feeling like the bad guy for even suggesting they’re less than truthful. It’s a redirection trick that can leave you apologizing for their fibs.

7. Their Body Language is Off.

When words come out as smooth as butter, but the body seems to be playing a game of Twister, you’ve got a mismatch worth noticing. Liars often forget that fibs are full-body sport. They might be telling you they’re relaxed, but their foot’s tapping faster than a Morse code message. Or they’re saying they’re happy while their arms are crossed tighter than Fort Knox. It’s like watching a poorly-dubbed movie where the actions and the dialogue don’t quite sync up. High-EQ people often spot these slips. If their words are saying one thing but their body seems to be doing its own press conference, alarm bells start ringing.

8. They Create a Web of Lies.

Talking to a seasoned liar can feel like you’ve accidentally stepped into a soap opera plot. Their life is a web of interconnected stories, each more dramatic than the last. And like a spider web, it’s complex, fascinating, and a little bit terrifying. Each tale is sticky, designed to trap you into believing just a little bit more. But webs are fragile; pull on a thread, and the whole thing might just fall apart. Watch for inconsistencies, the “wait, I thought you said…” moments. They’re the loose threads that show you where the web’s at its weakest.

9. They’re Quick to Change the Subject.

A seasoned liar has the subject-change down to a fine art. Just when you’re getting close to something that feels like the truth, they switch tracks faster than a DJ with ADD. One moment you’re talking about their mysterious weekend plans, and the next, you’re discussing the weather, a viral cat video, or literally anything else. It’s a diversion tactic, the conversational equivalent of “Look over there!” and it’s surprisingly effective. They steer away from the rocky shores of truth into the safer waters of another topic altogether.

10. They Use Humor to Deflect.

Laughter’s great, right? It eases tension, builds connections. But for the seasoned liar, it’s also a handy shield. They crack a joke, and the scrutiny lifts. Instead of answering a tough question, they’ll serve up a one-liner. It’s like using a smoke bomb to escape. “How could I be lying when I’m making you laugh?” seems to be the unspoken message. But if you listen closely, you can usually tell when the joke is a bit forced – a cover-up for a cover-up.

11. They’re Often Overly Specific.

At first glance, you might think a good liar would be vague, but the real pros know an oddly specific detail can sell a story like nothing else. They’ll give you the what, when, where, down to the color of the shirt they were supposedly wearing last Tuesday at 3:45 PM when they “randomly” ran into that celebrity at the obscure coffee shop nobody’s heard of. It’s like they’ve got a mental Rolodex of minute details ready to go, thinking specificity will throw you off the scent. But, you know, sometimes it’s the smallest details that just don’t add up—like the fact that the coffee shop was closed for renovations that week. Oops. It’s the tiny cracks that let the light shine through, revealing the truth behind the facade.

Sinead Cafferty is a writer who has authored four collections of poetry: "Dust Settling" (2012); "The Space Between" (2014); "Under, Under, Over" (2016); and "What You Can't Have" (2020). She's currently working on her first novel, a dystopian romance set in the 22nd Century, that's due out in 2024.

Sinead has an MFA in creative writing from NYU and has had residencies with the Vermont Studio Center and the National Center for Writing.