10 Signs You’ve Accidentally Given Up On Love

10 Signs You’ve Accidentally Given Up On Love ©iStock/Squaredpixels

Finding love obviously doesn’t need to be your primary objective all the time — but of it’s a priority for you and you’ve been discouraged by many disappointing dates and relationships in the past, you might have unintentionally given up on love without meaning to.

  1. You can’t remember the last time you bought a first date outfit. Your closet is starting to look a little dated, because you have no interest in impressing anyone anymore. You’ve been investing solely in loungewear, active wear, and girls’ night outfits, and would need to make an emergency shopping trip if you agreed to a spontaneous first date this evening.
  2. Your local liquor store owner knows your usual purchase, but not your name. You’re that girl with a regular liquor store purchase now. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying some wine by yourself, but it gets a little embarrassing when the guy behind the register starts ringing it up the moment you walk into his store.
  3. You’d rather binge watch Netflix than go out. You’re tired of going out, being optimistic, trying your hardest, and never having it work out. You’d really rather just stay in at this point, because at least Netflix will never screw you over.
  4. You finally agreed to the blind date your grandma has been trying to set up forever. Love has officially crushed your spirit to the point where you start agreeing to whatever dates your friends and family want you to go on. You have no hopes for a real connection, but you go anyway because- why not? At least the two of you can not find love together.
  5. You’ve labeled yourself as a pet parent. You may have gone a little over board with treating your pet like an actual human baby. Yes, you’re little one is super cute and loves you unconditionally, but if you can put it in a cage and leave the house, it’s not the same thing. Being an animal lover is a wonderful trait, but if you’re using them as a place holder until you get a real family, you’re starting to act a little nuts.
  6. You stopped regularly shaving. Shaving is time consuming and expensive, and you don’t imagine a scenario where anyone will touch your legs any time soon. You grew tired of the wasted effort, and essentially crossed it off our your chore list until spring.
  7. You keep insisting that your best friend is your soul mate. It’s possible that the connection you have with your bestie will be the most important one of your life, but it’s also extremely likely that she will eventually find someone to settle down with. Before you bully her into a sexless domestic partnership, try to remember that having a wonderful best friend isn’t a good enough reason to give up on finding love.
  8. You always volunteer for extra projects at work. You’d rather sabotage your social life than continue being let down by the jerks you meet out at the bars and clubs. You know your friends will harass you to go out if you don’t have a solid excuse, so you pick up extra shifts and projects at work.
  9. You think all men are players. Sometimes, it can feel easier to label all men as losers and give up than face the challenge of finding and making it work with a great guy. You’re tired of trying and not getting there, so you chop it up to the idea that all men must just be players.
  10. You consider settling for someone you don’t love. There are benefits to having a life partner, even if the two of you are not passionately in love. You’d rather wait for the love of your life, but you’ve considered settling for Mr. Good Enough. You’re losing faith that he’s out there, and you’ve mentally made a pro and con list of settling down you don’t vehemently love.
Holly Harris is a freelance writer, full time student, and mommy to a toddler sass monster. In her (nearly nonexistent) free time, you can find her lifting something heavy in her home gym or chugging vodka sodas with friends. She contributes to several other sites, including Elite Daily.