10 Signs You’ve Finally Met Your Soulmate

The idea of soulmates came from the Greeks and still reigns over our perception of love today. Your soulmate is imagined as the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. You find comfort and safety in your soulmate but he also pushes you to better yourself. Here’s how you know you’ve found yours.

  1. You feel at peace when you’re with him. The peace and stillness you feel with your soulmate can’t be compared to any other guy you’ve been with. You feel safe and at home in his arms. Being with him is super easy and all your worries just melt away. It’s not just a chemical reaction, it’s like meeting someone that you’ve known all along. You know that the two of you can accomplish anything together.
  2. The two of you are fantastic at compromising. Compromising is a big part of relationships, soulmates or not. The two of you won’t agree on everything and that’s OK. How you handle it is what defines your love. There will be times you give in a little to his wants and there will be times when he gives in to yours because you love and respect each other that much. Some of these decisions will be small like choosing your dinnerware; other decisions will be big, like moving across the country. Either way, you’ll be compromising for each other.
  3. You motivate each other. When you’re with your soulmate or your twin flame, you’re going to motivate each other to do better. You’ll be each other’s cheerleader and you’ll help each other get to where you want to be in life, even if it means the other has to take a sacrifice for the time being so the other can achieve their dreams.
  4. You can drop your mask around him. Instead of being upfront about ourselves on a first date, we wear these masks of our idealized selves. We’re terrified to be our true selves and to scare away a potential partner. These masks can get heavy and in some relationships, you feel you have to keep up the pretense. If you have to keep wearing your mask, your relationship doesn’t have that connection that we thrive on. A soulmate takes that anxiety away of not being accepted. You’re free to be your genuine self and so is he.
  5. You’re empathetic towards each other. Empathy can be a beautiful thing. The ability to feel someone else’s emotions and understand them is amazing. I believe we’re all empathetic to a degree—well, unless you’re a sociopath. When you’re with your soulmate, empathy between each other is natural. It gives you the chance to understand where each other’s feelings come from, and this makes disagreements much easier to remedy.
  6. You help each other heal. We’ve all been through some trauma in our lives to varying degrees. Some people are haunted by their trauma every single day and it can affect a relationship negatively. But as soulmates, the two of you help each other heal from that trauma. You intuitively know that he needs you to help him feel safe and vice versa. This can only happen once the two of you have established trust.
  7. The trust between you is strong. When we were young, we thought we were ready to fall in love. This would lead to jumping into a relationship and giving it your all. Nine times out of 10, those relationships ended in disaster and left a scar on your heart. As you get older, you learn that not everyone deserves your trust and you should be careful. However, soulmates establish a strong line of trust between each other. You don’t have to worry about cheating or him leaving you on the spur of the moment for someone else.
  8. You’ve seen the ugliest sides of each other and you’re still in love. When we’re at our worst in life, we tend to hurt the ones we love. It’s this subconscious act that’s based on the fact that we know these people will always love us. Regardless of how you act at your worst, your soulmate is always going to love you. Plus, when you’re around your soulmate, you don’t have to wear stilettos and make-up every second you’re together. When you’re sick and at your grossest, your soulmate is bringing you soup and still loving you as much as any other day.
  9. Together, you’re like yin and yang. Opposites really do attract. As soulmates, you’ll be matched up in your goals in life and your personal philosophies. Your personalities are not just different, they balance each other, just like the idea behind yin and yang. Maybe you’re spontaneous and you help bring him out of his shell. At the same time, he makes sure you don’t go too crazy and levels you out.
  10. You just know he’s your soulmate. At the end of the day, you know deep whether he’s the right one for you. You’ll feel it deep in your gut. You won’t waiver; you’ll know without a shadow of a doubt that he’s the man you want in every aspect of your life.
Casey Elizabeth Dennis is a freelance writer and part time poet. She's passionate about mental health and horror movies. You can find her either writing or catching Pokemon in the middle of a cornfield in Iowa.