10 Stages Of Heartbreak Everyone Experiences After A Bad Breakup

10 Stages Of Heartbreak Everyone Experiences After A Bad Breakup ©iStock/max-kegfire

Let’s face it – not all relationships are built to last, and they all either end in marriage or a breakup. Coping with a breakup is tough roller coaster ride of emotion and sometimes, you don’t know where you are at any given moment. You will eventually come out the side a better, stronger person, but getting there is a process and it’s one we all go through, no matter what our personal circumstances.

Stage 1: Denial. At first, you just don’t want to accept that things are over. You refuse to change your relationship status on Facebook and don’t tell anyone that you’re broken up. You’re quietly waiting for some sort of apology that won’t come, but you won’t believe that just yet.

Stage 2: Blinding rage. You’re angry at the situation and the world. You might be lashing out at friends and family more than normal because of the circumstances you’re in, and you should probably lay off social media to prevent subtweeting or just flat out venting.

Stage 3: Reclusive mourning. Leaving your place is just not an option. All you want to do is stay inside where you no one can ask you if you’re okay, and no one can see the dark circles under your bloodshot eyes.

Stage 4: Non-stop crying. It’s normal to not be able to think about much else right after a breakup and to cry when you do. Although it’s tough, it’s the time where you’re finally, truly dealing with your feelings.

Stage 5: Endless junk food eating. We see it all the time in movies. Usually a woman is crying into a jug of ice cream after a breakup, and while it might not be quite so dramatic in real life, it’s natural to seek comfort in delicious food to make yourself feel better.

Stage 6: Blaming yourself. It’s normal to wonder what went wrong, and go over every single thing you did. Sure, it’s possible that you messed up, but it’s important not kick yourself while you’re already down too much.

Stage 7: Pining for him. You should probably delete your ex from your social media accounts, because you can’t stop looking his profile and you might even reach out him a few times to beg for another chance or pretend like you could still be friends. You’re mostly just hurting yourself, but you can’t help it.

Stage 8: Getting ready to turn up. Finally, you’re starting to feel like yourself again! You try to have all the fun you were missing out on when you were in the relationship and immediately after it ended. All of your single friends are pretty much celebrating with you on your new-found singledom.

Stage 9: Rebound time. You may be looking to jump into another relationship, or you might just want something fun. Either way, you have to be very careful, because you could just be trying masking your heartbreak rather than dealing with it to truly move on.

Stage 10: Acceptance. You realize that it’s over for good, and you’re starting to accept it. You’re no longer constantly crying and checking in on your ex. You do feel a little sadness that it didn’t work out, but you have hope that it’s because there’s something better out there.

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