10 Thoughts You Have While Working Out

10 Thoughts You Have While Working Out ©iStock/filadendron

Exercise is an essential part of life — everyone should do it and do it consistently, whether it’s at the gym, your living room, or outdoors. A big part of working out is making your brain shut up with its excuses to skip exercising. While you may try to make your mind go blank so you can power through your workout, you’re probably still thinking some interesting thoughts.

  1. “Boob sweat sucks.” Sports bras should have high-tech ventilation systems in them to prevent that awful dampness in the front of your shirt. If you were alone and it didn’t hurt to run without a bra, you’d probably just do that. The fresh air would keep everything nice and dry and no, you wouldn’t look stupid at all. Boobs are not the best workout buddies.
  2. “This feels great.” It burns, but it burns so good. You like working on certain parts of your body more than others. Some areas produce a more satisfying burn than others, and this makes you feel like you’re making great progress. Even if this is the only real exercise you’ve gotten in months, simply feeling your muscles work makes you feel accomplished.
  3. “This feels terrible.” Being so out of breath that you feel like you’re seconds away from passing out is quite uncomfortable. It feels like your lungs are on fire. Your legs might just turn into jelly and collapse underneath you. You’ll be proud of your intensity later, but for now… screw you, self. Screw you and your gym-going ways.
  4. “I’m going to be sore as hell tomorrow.” Moving around like a normal, functional person tomorrow is going to be complicated. But it’ll be worth it… most likely.
  5. “Exercising to music is amazing.” Finding that perfect song on your iPod when you get your momentum going is the most underrated feeling in the galaxy. Music is a workout essential. When you have your headphones in, nothing else exists except for you and whatever exercise you’re doing. The right music inspires you to go harder, longer and faster.
  6. “I need to do this more often.” Life gets in the way of a good workout way too much. It may be difficult talking yourself into doing your workout sometimes, but you never regret doing it once you finish those last few reps. You sleep better, you look better and you’re more motivated to eat healthy when you’re consistent with exercise. Busy schedules be damned.
  7. “Lifting weights is pretty fun.” It may seem unappealing at first, but weightlifting is easy to get hooked on. Learning and mastering all the moves will make you feel like a strong, badass warrior babe. Plus, seeing and feeling your progress is an incredible feeling. It’s a lot of hard work, but the payoff is worth it.
  8. “I should get some exercise equipment at home.” A home gym would be much more convenient than a gym membership. You can get your sweat on without leaving your house and you can use the elliptical naked if the urge strikes you. And, any guests you have over will be super impressed by your collection of machines and weights. They’ll think you have your act together even if you don’t. It’s all about the facade.
  9. “That loser didn’t wipe the machine off.” Using a machine and then walking away without wiping your sweat off it is an unforgivable sin, yet you still catch people doing this. Sometimes you don’t find out until it’s too late and your poor, innocent hands touch a puddle of someone else’s sweaty nastiness. What the bloody hell is wrong with these people?!
  10. “Done! Sonofabitch.” It was rough, but you did it. All you have to do now is gather all of your stuff and awkwardly limp out to your car. And eat healthy so your workout doesn’t go to waste. And go to the gym again tomorrow. And the next day.
Lauren Clark is a writer and news curator based in Denver, Colorado with bylines here on Bolde and at Inside.com. While she’s vehemently anti-social media, you can find her on LinkedIn.