10 Times You’re Accidentally Sexy – And It Drives Us Guys Crazy

Believe it or not, even if you think you’re an awkward girl, you’ve still got game. Whether it’s a stunningly curated outfit or some truly expert makeup application, you can make yourself look damn good, and we guys love it. But sometimes (okay, a lot of the time), women are extra sexy when you’re not even trying to wow us.

  1. When you get out of the shower This is an easy one. First, you’re all wet and naked. Second, that “just showered” look when your hair is wet and you smell so clean is pretty incredible. And third, I fully stand by that you ladies look absolutely best without anything on you. No makeup, no fancy undies, nothing. Just what the good lord gave you. The whole towel business helps too, because hope always, ALWAYS springs eternal that you’ll drop it.
  2. When you wiggle into your jeans You know the little shimmy/jump move you use to get your jeans on? That’s pretty hot. We know that it’s just how you put on jeans because it’s the most effective way, but it doesn’t matter. It’s always going to make our imaginations run a little wilder than you might like.
  3. When you’re cooking dinner for us Yes, we’re sort of cavemen. And yes, we can prepare food for ourselves, too. Still, to this day, there are few things better than someone cooking you a hot, delicious meal. I’d take that over a date out any day of the week. Who wouldn’t? Sexy women know what they’re doing in the kitchen, that’s for sure.
  4. When you’re busy kicking ass When you’re taking no crap from ANYONE, including your landlord, the customer who was a jerk to you at work, or the creepy construction worker who just catcalled you? When you’re completely and totally dedicated to getting YOURS, and you’ll be damned if you’re going to let some puny human stand in your way? That’s what gets us going.  Seeing you come in, solve the crap out of some problem, and just waltz away with a flick of your hair is totally, 100 percent badass — and, yes, a huge turn-on.
  5. When you get REALLY excited and passionate about something It can be anything from your passion for wildlife to your love for mittens. When you’re excited, so are we.  Maybe it’s that passion and excitement are contagious. Personally, I think that it’s more a case of passion and excitement being pretty key emotions for sex, and it’s impossible for us to completely dissociate those two things.
  6. When you’re wearing high heels I know that high heels are basically the devil’s spawn and frankly, wildly impractical footwear. Regardless, they do make you look beyond sexy. It’s sort of wild how effective they are at making you look incredible. How one little shoe can make you look so smokin’ hot is a little beyond me, but I’m sure there’s a reason. Physics, probably.
  7. When you step just a little bit into our personal space This is particularly awesome if we’re not dating, like if we’re just a friend or you’re someone we have a crush on. If we’re standing in line for something and you step a little too close behind us? That’s the best. What’s weird about this is that it’s not a physical thing. It’s not that we crave to be touched by you or anything like that. It’s more that you feel comfortable enough to drift ever so slightly across the span of politeness into the realm of vulnerability.
  8. When you’re wearing the opposite of what you normally wear If you work at a law office and are normally dressed quite formally, then what’s super sexy for us is seeing you in a pair of shorts and flip flops. But if you’re normally kicking around in jeans and a T-shirt, seeing you in a beautiful dress is sure to get the fire going. Whatever’s different from the norm, is what’s going to be so incredibly sexy completely by accident.
  9. When you’re doing physical labor Whether it’s chopping wood or getting down to some serious DIY, there’s nothing sexier than a woman getting in there and taking care of business. Maybe it’s the paint fumes. Maybe it’s the slouchy clothes. Whatever it is, it totally works for you (and us).
  10. When you’re just being comfortable The sexiest you can be is when you’re doing nothing more than just being comfortable with who and where you are, what you look like, and how you carry yourself. Quietly confident is the sexiest look of all.
Spencer is a freelance writer who loves writing articles that are fun to read and easy to understand. When he's not writing, he's usually listening to podcasts and traveling the world searching for the elusive perfect croissant.