100 Beauty Affirmations To Help You Fall In Love With The Woman You See In The Mirror

It’d be amazing to wake up every morning feeling confident in your own skin, but sadly, that’s just not the case for many of us. It’s so much easier to pick ourselves apart and focus on all the stuff we don’t like about our appearance than it is to appreciate all the things that make us beautiful. After a while, it really takes a toll on your self-worth and just makes you feel like crap. That’s where beauty affirmations come in handy.

Before you start rolling your eyes, hear me out. Beauty affirmations — in fact, affirmations of any kind — admittedly feel awkward and a bit cringe when you start. That’s just because you’re not used to saying nice things to yourself. Like most things, it gets easier with practice, and the more you remind yourself of how stunning you are, the more you’ll begin to realize it’s true. It’s worth rolling with the discomfort at first because when you get to the other side, you’ll feel like a million bucks.

Below are 100 beauty affirmations to add to your roster. You don’t have to repeat all of these in front of the mirror every day, but pick the ones that stand out to you most and that feel most relatable. Then, spend a few minutes every day saying them out loud and taking time to pinpoint the things you love about the way you look. You’re gorgeous — you deserve to feel like it.

  1.  I am radiant, inside and out.
  2.  Every cell in my body vibrates with energy and beauty.
  3.  I am confident in my skin.
  4.  My beauty is unique and unparalleled.
  5.  I am proud of the body I inhabit.
  6.  I love the way my eyes sparkle when I smile.
  7.  My skin is a canvas, reflecting my life’s story.
  8.  I embrace my natural beauty.
  9.  My smile is contagious and brightens the world.
  10.  I am more than worthy of admiration and respect.
  11.  I am blossoming in my own time, in my own way.
  12.  My body is a vessel of strength and beauty.
  13.  I am comfortable with who I am, and I love the person I am becoming.
  14.  Every day, in every way, I am becoming more beautiful.
  15.  I celebrate the wonders of my body.
  16.  I am at peace with my appearance.
  17.  My beauty is not defined by societal standards.
  18.  I am grateful for the unique features that make me, me.
  19.  I am beautiful, just as I am.
  20.  My charm comes from my vibrant personality.
  21.  I am glowing with self-love and self-acceptance.
  22.  I love the person I see in the mirror.
  23.  My worth is not determined by my appearance.
  24.  I am a beautiful soul, and it reflects in my appearance.
  25.  I feel beautiful in my skin, and it shows.
  26.  My hair flows perfectly in its natural state.
  27.  I embrace the changes in my body with love and kindness.
  28.  I celebrate my body and all it does for me.
  29.  My imperfections make me uniquely beautiful.
  30.  I am confident, radiant, and beautiful.
  31.  My beauty is timeless and not bound by age.
  32.  I radiate positivity and beauty.
  33.  I love my body, and my body loves me.
  34.  I am proud to be me, in all my beauty and grace.
  35.  My presence is a gift to the world.
  36.  My grace and charm are my crowning glory.
  37.  I trust in my body’s natural wisdom and beauty.
  38.  I am a beacon of love, light, and joy.
  39.  I glow with an inner light that radiates beauty.
  40.  I am a living, breathing work of art.
  41.  My beauty is an expression of the divine.
  42.  I am the epitome of grace, elegance, and beauty.
  43.  My skin is glowing with health and vitality.
  44.  I am embracing the journey to the most beautiful version of myself.
  45.  I am a magnet for positivity and beautiful experiences.
  46.  My laughter is the melody of my beautiful soul.
  47.  I choose to see the beauty in myself every day.
  48.  I am gorgeous, just as nature intended.
  49.  My inner beauty shines brighter each day.
  50.  I am becoming a better, more beautiful version of myself daily.
  51.  I stand tall, embracing my natural beauty with pride.
  52.  My radiance shines from within, reflecting my inner grace.
  53.  I am in love with the person I see in the mirror.
  54.  My beauty is accentuated by my intellect and kindness.
  55.  My skin absorbs the sun’s rays, radiating golden light.
  56.  My natural glow is a testament to my healthy choices.
  57.  I am a remarkable blend of strength and beauty.
  58.  My beauty is a canvas, constantly evolving and changing into something even more beautiful.
  59.  I wear my uniqueness like a crown.
  60.  Every curve and edge of my body is a masterpiece.
  61.  My smile can light up a room.
  62.  My beauty is a reflection of my soul’s tranquility.
  63.  I am learning to love my body, one day at a time.
  64.  I am a treasure trove of beauty, both inside and out.
  65.  My self-acceptance is the source of my beauty.
  66.  Every day, I am learning to embrace my beautiful self more.
  67.  My joyful spirit is the essence of my beauty.
  68.  I adorn myself with love, respect, and grace.
  69.  My confidence makes me irresistibly attractive.
  70.  My eyes are windows to my beautiful and compassionate soul.
  71.  I am cultivating beauty in my life, one loving thought at a time.
  72.  I am the embodiment of femininity, grace, and wonder.
  73.  My beauty flourishes with each passing moment.
  74.  I choose to adorn myself with positivity and kindness.
  75.  My body is a sanctuary of beauty and wellness.
  76.  I am stunning, inside and out, at every stage of my life.
  77.  My spirit dances with grace and beauty.
  78.  I am an exquisite representation of harmony and beauty.
  79.  My soul is a garden of beauty and love.
  80.  I choose to see the beauty in myself, each day, in every way.
  81.  My energy is as radiant as a blossoming flower.
  82.  My beauty is a journey, not a destination.
  83.  I celebrate my body’s movements and the grace in my steps.
  84.  I am the curator of my inner gallery of beauty.
  85.  My inner beauty radiates even brighter with each passing day.
  86.  My kindness and empathy contribute to my beauty.
  87.  I am an evolving tapestry of grace, strength, and beauty.
  88.  My beauty transcends physicality, embracing the depths of my spirit.
  89.  I am an unfolding blossom of grace, poise, and beauty.
  90.  My heart radiates a beauty that lights up the world.
  91.  I nourish my soul with love, enhancing my natural beauty.
  92.  I am a portrait of elegance, resilience, and beauty.
  93.  My beauty is not static, it ebbs and flows with life’s rhythms.
  94.  I am a vibrant and beautiful reflection of life’s splendor.
  95.  My inner and outer beauty is in harmonious balance.
  96.  I am a beacon of love and compassion, radiating beauty.
  97.  My unique beauty is a gift to the world.
  98.  I am a blossoming entity of love, grace, and beauty.
  99.  I walk in beauty, grace, and confident solitude.
  100.  I embrace my beautiful journey, blossoming fully into myself.
Jennifer Still is a writer and editor with more than 10 years of experience. The managing editor of Bolde, she has bylines in Vanity Fair, Business Insider, The New York Times, Glamour, Bon Appetit, and many more. You can follow her on Twitter @jenniferlstill