Will He Stay Faithful? 11 Personality Traits That Make A Guy Way More Likely To Cheat

When you’ve taken that leap of faith that is a committed relationship, you at the very least hope that your partner will be faithful to you. For many women, getting cheated on is the ultimate betrayal. Not only is it humiliating, but it’s an act that scars you and changes the way you approach relationships in the future. So, if you want to avoid the fallout, what should you do? Well, you may want to start by avoiding guys with these personality traits:

  1. He has oodles of charisma. His personality may have been what attracted you in the first place, but they could also unwittingly be the downfall of the relationship. If the guy you’re with can charm the panties off everyone he meets, he may just go mad with the power. Remember, you’re probably not the only one who finds his great sense of humor a turn-on.
  2. He loves himself more than you. How long does this guy spend staring at himself in the mirror each day? If his bathroom routine would put top models to shame, you may need to think twice before you settle down with the guy. When a man loves himself more than you, he’s so not “The One.”
  3. He thinks he rocks your world in bed. Is this guy pretty damn proud of himself in the bedroom? If he thinks he’s something of a sex star, beware of him. According to a study by McNulty and Widman, people who are ‘sexually narcissistic’ are more likely to have an affair than the rest of us. So, if he’s bragging about his skills between the sheets, you should probably say bye right now.
  4. He can be extremely critical. Does he criticize everything from the way to wear your hair to the way you cook? If so, that should be a giant red flag waving above his head. When a guy is uber critical of his partner, it signifies that he thinks he deserves more than what you can offer and he might just go out there to find it.
  5. Jealousy is his middle name. One of the most ridiculous things about serial cheaters is that they’re often extremely jealous when it comes to their partners. It’s as though they assume that since they are unfaithful, you will be too. If they’re checking your phone and stalking you on social media, maybe it’s actually them who have a dirty little secret to hide.
  6. He likes things to be… dangerous. Think about it. Why do guys want to cheat? It’s not always just because they have throbbing sexual needs; there’s likely more to it than that. Thrill seekers may find the idea of cheating exciting and new. If he’s a lover of danger, it might want to play with fire.
  7. He can switch his emotions on and off. Most of us struggle when it comes to switching our emotions on and off. Either they’re there or they’re not. If he’s the type of guy who blows hot and cold on you all the time, it could be that he’s a true master of deceit. Only someone who could truly disconnect would be able to cheat on their partner. Now, does that sound like your guy?
  8. He often gives into desire. Whether it’s chomping down on that extra slice of pizza or having just ‘one more’ drink before bed, we all give into our desires now and then. You know your guy better than anyone else in the world. Does he always give into his desires? If he’s the kind of man who just can’t keep his will power up, having the odd fling with another lady may not be off the cards.
  9. He’s having a love affair with tech. Of course, in 2016, you don’t even have to leave your home to start an affair. The wonderful world of the internet means that you can spark up a new flame with just the touch of a button. Technological affairs (i.e. online cheating relationships) can actually be addictive, according to research from The Open University. So, if your partners always on his cell phone or laptop, you may want to check his history.
  10. His list of vices is infinite. When you picture a cheater, what do you see? People who are willing to be deceitful in their love life are often the same in every other area of their human existence. If you’re hoping to spot a love rat, you should take a look at how they handle the other things in their life. If they’re never entirely honest, why would they be any different when it comes to you?
  11. You know that he can lie convincingly. There are many ladies out there who will catch a guy mid-lie and still forgive him for it. If you’ve witnessed this guy lying to your face, it may be time to show him the door. The fact of the matter is that you have to be an expert liar to get away with having an affair. If you’ve seen him look you in the eye and tell you something that’s just not true, staying with him would be a foolish move.
Charlotte is a freelance writer who's addicted to binge-watching TV, drinking far too much coffee, and writing articles.