11 Signs That Guy You Like Is Actually Just Taking Advantage Of You

So you finally meet a guy who’s cute, smart, and just so happens to think the same about you. You have a little awkward chit-chat, maybe you flirt a little, and eventually, you exchange numbers. Before you know it, you’re texting nonstop, hanging out several times a week, and having amazing sex. He almost seems too good to be true, so is he? Here are 11 signs he’s not quite what he seems and he’s taking advantage of you and your kindness.

  1. He’s the perfect guy… when you’re alone. Think about when you spend the most time with this guy. Is it on a mattress? If most of your so-called dates start and end in the bedroom, you may want to rethink his motives. He might be perfect when you’re alone between the sheets, but is he willing to be seen with you in the street? If the answer is no, RUN.
  2. He always seems to make the plans. Who’s in control here, anyway? Do you make plans with him? Does he just drop you a text when he needs a quickie? I hate to break this to you, but you could be just there to fulfill his sexual needs on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. If he’s the one calling the shots, question why that is. Why does he never want to see you on your terms?
  3. He’s a serial texter but not a serial daterWhen a guy’s playing you for a fool, he needs to keep you interested. Since taking you on actual dates is a whole load of effort and expense that he can’t be bothered with, there’s a much easier option. Using the miracle of modern tech, he can simply send you a few messages throughout the day. Typing “Hey, how are you?”, “Thinking about you” or any other BS text takes less than ten seconds, but it will keep him in the game.
  4. He’s secretive and mysterious. It’s all part of his charm, but there’s likely a reason that this guy never tells you anything real about himself. He doesn’t want you to know. If he’s planning on getting all he can out of you and then leaving you high and dry, he can’t have you being too deeply entwined in his life. Take a moment to ponder this question: How much do you actually know about this guy? He’s definitely taking advantage of you.
  5. He’s quick to get down to business. When you see him, he’s ready to go. The moment he walks through your door, he’s already undoing your bra in an effort to get down to what really matters. While you may think you’re too hot to resist, don’t take his actions as any kind of compliment. All this really tells you is that he sees you as a one-dimensional plaything. He just loves having sex with you but it’s no more than that. He doesn’t want to get to know you; he just wants to get to know your anatomy. This is a major red flag, and even you know it.
  6. He doesn’t want to hang with your friends. Being seriously into someone means that you want to share almost every area of your life with them. Introducing your main man to your pals is kind of a massive deal. Still, you need to be wary of a guy who doesn’t want to meet them. When he says that he’s not ready for that yet, he may as well be screaming, “I’m not ready for a relationship. Damn it!” Message received.
  7. He says he’s not one for labels. After all this screwing about, you’re probably tired of his games. So, you do what any sane woman would; you try to label the relationship. “What are we? Where is this going? Am I your girlfriend? Are you sleeping with other women?” If he can’t give you a straight answer to any of these questions, prepare to say bye bye.
  8. He often mentions other guys to you in a positive light. Above all else, this guy wants you to avoid putting all your eggs in his basket. That’s because he’s about to smush them, so he’ll try to open up other options for you. If he encourages you to see other people or comments on you liking other guys, you need to get out of there right now. Abort mission! This will all end in tears… most likely yours.
  9. He’s all about compliments. We all love a compliment now and then, but this guy is hooked on them. The more you praise him, the more his sense of self-worth inflates until it’s taking up the whole damn room. If this is a one-sided game, he’s using you to give himself a much-needed ego boost.
  10. He has no problem asking for favorsWhat does this guy get out of the relationship? Aside from the obvious, what are you giving him that he can’t get elsewhere? He might ask you for money and favors. He may have you paint his house or walk his dog. If he’s just stringing you along to be his unpaid, unvalued personal assistant, get rid of him pronto.
  11. He’s laid-back about pretty much everything. Beware of the guy who is always laid back. If he’s chilled out about his career, his finances, and his pals — he’s probably pretty damn relaxed about his love life too. I’m not talking about easy going guys. No, I mean the ones that are too lazy to commit to what they’re having for dinner today, let alone to a relationship. If your guy fits the bill, it’s time to get the check.
Charlotte is a freelance writer who's addicted to binge-watching TV, drinking far too much coffee, and writing articles.