11 Signs Things Are Getting Real In Your Relationship

There’s a tipping point in every relationship where all of a sudden, things get serious. It can creep up on you if you aren’t actively paying attention, but once you realize it, suddenly it all becomes clear: this is the real deal.

  1. You’re totally OK with staying in all weekend. Cuddling up for the weekend with some takeout and a few cocktails actually sounds amazing. What used to bore you to tears now seems wonderful, and you don’t need an insane amount of excitement to feel content.
  2. You’re comfortable leaving stuff at each other’s apartments. If you find a toothbrush or razor in your bathroom, you don’t freak out and toss it in the trash. You know he’ll be sleeping over again, so you might as well make it a little bit more convenient.
  3. You have a designated charger outlet at his place. You spend enough time together for all of your electronics to die. He’s set you up with a spot to recharge, so you don’t have to meddle with his stuff every time your iPhone dies.
  4. You reach out to him when you need help. Whether it’s a flat tire, a prehistoric sized spider in the shower, or you’re just having a really bad day, you feel comfortable reaching out for some help. When you can count on someone to be there when you need them, and you’re OK with asking them for help, things are most likely getting serious.
  5. You’re over pretending to be perfect. You can drop whatever façade you show the world and 100% be yourself. You have no problem eating 5,000 calories in your sweat pants with no makeup on, because you’re no longer afraid of being unfairly judged. You just feel accepted.
  6. You pee with the door open. All couples do it eventually. Peeing with the door open is one of the oldest signs that things are no longer super casual.
  7. You’ve ditched the Spanx. Breathing is definitely not overrated, plus you’ve seen each other naked so many times that there’s no point in wearing any of that sorcery underwear anyway. These days, you’d rather be comfortable enough to enjoy yourself than trick strangers into thinking you’re five pounds lighter than you are.
  8. You’re totally uninhibited in the bedroom. You’ve reached a stage where you both feel completely uninhibited in the bedroom, and the result is mind-blowing sex. If you’re that comfortable with another person, you’re probably becoming very, very close.
  9. You allow yourself to be vulnerable. Being vulnerable is terrifying for a lot of people. It opens you up to the possibility of getting hurt. When you feel like it’s OK to relax and not be tough all day every day, it’s likely that things are getting real in your relationship. You wouldn’t let your guard down in front of just anybody.
  10. You’re completely unaffected by your ex’s posts on social media. You literally don’t care what he’s up to and who he’s spending time with. That’s in the past, and you are currently more interested in your present.
  11. The future feels a little more certain. The blurry idea you have of the future is starting to become a little more defined. There’s still a lot of uncertainty and plenty of room for surprises and adventures, but you’re starting to picture this person by your side. You’re not sure exactly where you’re going, but you think you’ll take the ride together.
Holly Harris is a freelance writer, full time student, and mommy to a toddler sass monster. In her (nearly nonexistent) free time, you can find her lifting something heavy in her home gym or chugging vodka sodas with friends. She contributes to several other sites, including Elite Daily.