11 Signs You’re The Other Woman & Don’t Know It

Can you say you’re the only one in his life without doubts creeping in? Maybe you’ve been wondering why he hasn’t introduced you to his friends or doesn’t always answer your texts. You need to know the signs that you’re the other woman so you stop getting played.

  1. He never takes you the good parties. Same goes for the most popular restaurants. In fact, it feels like he’s always taking you to lesser-known places on the other side of town where you have literally zero chance of running into anyone you know. It’s like he’s afraid of exactly that and wants to make sure there’s no chance of it happening.
  2. He never stays the night. He comes over all the time but never stays over. He usually blames a really early start to his day, but you have to admit it’s weird — especially since sometimes it’s the middle of the night when he makes his exit. Is he headed to another girl’s house or to his own… where another woman is waiting?
  3. He doesn’t invite you over. He’d rather hang out at your place or go to a hotel than invite you to his place. It could be that he doesn’t want anyone popping over when you’re there or that his place is littered with his girlfriend’s things. Either way, it’s shady AF.
  4. He’s camera shy. When you try to take a pic of the two of you together, he freaks out. He might say he’s not photogenic or just hates photos, but it’s weird if you’ve been dating for months and he still doesn’t want to be in a photo with you. It’s equally weird if he’s always tagged in pictures on social media with his friends. This all points to him not wanting any photographic evidence that he’s with you because he knows just how easily those images can end up in the wrong hands.
  5. He won’t change his Facebook relationship status. He refuses to do this, saying he wants to prevent his personal life from ending up online or some other BS excuse. The truth is that he doesn’t want his GF or other women he’s dating to see that he’s committed to you — and clearly lying to them.
  6. He never invites you to events. You’ve heard loads about his friends, family and work colleagues, but whenever he attends a function with any of them, you’re not invited. Maybe it’s because he already has a date.
  7. He never calls you when he’s just hanging out at home. Many of your phone conversations happen when he’s in the car, driving home from work. He doesn’t usually call from home or when he’s not rushing around. It’s like he just wants to squeeze you into parts of his day when he’s alone. If you call him after a certain time of the day or night, he never answers.
  8. He has two cell phones. Another bad sign that you’re his other woman is if he has two cell phones. Sure, one might be for business purposes, but if you don’t have that number and you never actually see him use it, then you have to wonder what’s going on. It could be that his GF has one number and you’re only allowed to call him on the other. It’s really messed up.
  9. He only sees you at weird hours. When you want to see him on a Friday or Saturday night, he claims to be busy. He’d rather see you late at night (read: booty call) or he’ll fit you in after work, making you feel like you’re meeting him for a business dinner. You aren’t free to be spontaneous with him as you should be when in an exclusive relationship.
  10. He ignores his phone when you’re around. It’s great that he doesn’t spend time during your date on his phone, but if he’s always ignoring his phone or switches it off, that’s just as troubling. Why would he be afraid to answer a call in front of you? It could be that his other GF is calling.
  11. You just have a feeling. Sometimes your Spidey senses are activated. You might see dinner plates in his sink and just know that another woman was at his place. Or, you might try calling him and get no answer for the second time that week, which makes it impossible to feel that he’s not with someone else. Trust your gut because if your BF is doing something shady, your inner voice will usually alert you to it long before any signs show up.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.