11 Ways Being Single Turns You Into The Best Version Of Yourself

Being in a relationship can be great, but it can also be hard, scary, stressful, and full of the kinds of questions of trust and honesty that are downright exhausting. That’s why, for those who find themselves in these situations, the signs that being single makes you better go beyond being able to go weeks without shaving (but let’s be honest — that’s a huge bonus too). Here’s why rolling solo allows you to be your best self:

  1. You actually have time for your friends. Have you ever entered into a relationship, gone through that honeymoon phase, and sailed right into that comfort zone… only to realize that somewhere along the way, you’ve neglected literally everyone else in your life? It’s okay; we all do it at some point, but some are admittedly a lot worse than others. When you’re single, though, you see your friendships with clearer eyes and you take more time to cultivate those relationships.
  2. You aren’t gaining that “comfort weight.” Once a relationship goes from timid dates where each party is keeping sweet and not fighting to farting and belching in front of each other, things can go south. For some couples, this is just another facet of a healthy relationship. But for others, this can mean becoming almost too comfortable and reaping the consequences of all of those nights of pizza and Netflix-and-chill sessions with your significant other. When you’re single, though, there is more time to focus on you and your health rather than succumbing to the girlfriend gut.
  3. You also get the whole pizza to yourself. When you want to just binge on true crime documentaries and junk food, being single means that you have the ability to do that in peace. In doing so, you get to keep that pizza for yourself — and sometimes, getting quality time with yourself and doing something totally relaxing is good for your soul.
  4. Your self-confidence gets a serious boost. Sometimes, being in a relationship means getting confidence boosters from your significant other because they’re right there, ready to shower you with compliments. But there’s always a part of you that wonders if said compliments are merely there because it’s what your partner is “supposed” to be saying. When you’re single, you learn more about what parts of yourself you love and what parts you can improve on, without doing any of that for anyone else.
  5. You’re more in tune with yourself. Being alone doesn’t have to mean you’re lonely. In fact, the two legitimately don’t have to have anything to do with each other at all. A certain amount of clarity comes with being able to be alone and get to know yourself better and in the end, you become more in tune with your feelings, body, and thoughts in general.
  6. You’re free from neurotic behavior. There is some truth to the stereotypical behaviors of single women, like watching your phone, waiting for a call or text and obsessing about it for days, and coming up with excuses and reasons why the date went wrong or what happened to that prospective boyfriend or girlfriend. But being single means you’re totally free from that sort of behavior, and it’s kind of liberating.
  7. Showers are a lot faster. Now, no one ever said that just because you’re in a relationship, it means you have to shave to keep your significant other happy, but a lot of us do that regardless. When you’re single, you can go longer without shaving or worrying about such trivial things that were once so important. That frees up your time to see friends, hang out on your own, or just think about what’s actually important.
  8. You can do whatever you want without having to consider anyone but yourself. When you’re in a relationship or even casually dating someone, there’s a certain amount of pressure placed on the idea that this person is an extension of you, in a way. When you think of making plans, you have to think about them and their schedule and what they want to do — and suddenly, you aren’t your own person anymore. When you do away with that, you’re able to make plans without the stress or pressure of someone else’s life in your hands, so to speak.
  9. You don’t have to apologize for any of your quirks. Choosing to be single means choosing to finally be yourself and allowing yourself to maintain both your good and bad qualities, but also all of those little quirks that may have been buried within past relationships. When you’re living that single AF life, though, you don’t have to apologize to anyone because you finally have the space and freedom to just be you.
  10. No seriously, the freedom is legit. If you want to go hiking in the Grand Canyon, go for it. If you finally want to try zip-lining (something your ex-girlfriend just would not do), now is the time. Basically, you get to try new things without a partner there to veto them or watch on awkwardly.
  11. You’ve gained a feeling of enlightenment. Even if you’re used to being in a relationship or regularly dating, once you’re single and start to see all of the benefits, a feeling of enlightenment comes. Suddenly, you’re getting to know yourself and learning to enjoy the benefits of being alone sometimes. But you’re also finding that the benefits of being single are good for you and healthy in the long run. Be single forever or just take some time to stay out of relationships for a bit. Either way, it’s kind of amazing to just do you for a while.