12 Signs Of A Chronic Flirt

A chronic flirt is someone who can’t help but attempt to get up close and personal with pretty much everyone they meet, regardless of the circumstances or their relationship status. How do you know you’re dealing with one? Look out for these signs.

  1. They have fabulous eye contact. Their gaze can almost penetrate a person. It’s like the person of interest can tell how much the flirt wants them just by looking in their eyes. They can hold and keep a gaze during a conversation with a little star in their eye.
  2. They have at least one ambiguous relationship. It’s called a friendship, but it’s more like a flirtationship. Someone who’s a chronic flirt definitely has one or more of these types of relationships in their life. Let’s be honest, they probably have more. These relationships exist in their life whether or not they have a partner or are pursuing someone in particular.
  3. They’re scanning the room everywhere they go for someone cute. In every single room they’re in, a chronic flirt is on the lookout for someone cute. They may not even intend to flirt with that person, but they always want to make sure they’ve found the cutest person in the room. Sometimes this is a target for them, though.
  4. Their body language is a dead giveaway. Smiling and leaning forward are two examples of body language that can be suggestive to a person they’re talking to. Certain kinds of body language indicate to another person that the flirt is interested in them. Body language can sometimes say way more than words ever could.
  5. Their friends roll their eyes at them. When they get going hitting on another person, their friends can’t help but roll their eyes. They’re so used to their flirty friend picking up someone wherever they go. Or, at least they try to get a number. Their friends aren’t mad or anything, they just can’t help but laugh.
  6. Their behavior changes when a cute person is around. All of a sudden, a chronic flirt is acting totally different. Their voice and body language change all because there’s a cute person around. They can’t help but lay the mack down, even when the situation might not be appropriate—like a funeral. They’re acting one way when they’re alone with friends and then they act totally another way when someone they may be interested in is around.
  7. They’re touchy-feely. Chronic flirts are known for putting their hands on people a lot. Not necessarily in a creepy way, but more so in a playful and flirty way. I suppose it may be a little creepy though because the other person doesn’t consent to be touched. Nonetheless, this is how they show another person that they’re interested in them.
  8. They’re REALLY active on social media. For starters, they’re always liking a lot of photos of people they’re attracted to. They want to make sure to let certain people know that they’re interested and they’re watching. They’re also known to slide into the DMs over and over again of certain people they’re flirting with. Again, this may not always be an indication that they even like the person. It could just be a flirty move.
  9. They’ve got the sexy eyes down pat. A person can totally tell that the flirt’s interested in them all the way across the room. The eyes say something in particular: like, “I want you.” They leave no room for guessing games and they’re a great way to flirt with strangers across the room. They’ve perfected their sexy eyes because they’re one of a flirt’s most-used tools.
  10. They’re always talking about someone they think is cute. Their friends are always hearing someone’s name come out of their mouth that they think is cute. They’re talking about someone they think is cute on pretty much a daily basis. It may seem like they think everyone in the world is attractive based on how often they say someone new, but they’re just interested in a lot of folks. I don’t know that they can help it.
  11. They’ve been called a tease quite a few times. One problem is that they aren’t always interested in the people that they’re flirting with. Just because they got someone’s number doesn’t mean they’re interested in having a relationship with them. They may not even be interested in sleeping with them. See, chronic flirts flirt just for the thrill of it sometimes. This is why they’ve been called a tease—because they don’t always back up the game they spit.
  12. They use the wink emoji like it’s their job. A chronic flirt uses the heck out of a wink emoji in texts. They aren’t afraid to use it a lot, even though it might get tiring at times. They also use other emojis like the kissy face. They know that these emojis just communicate how much they’re interested in the other person. The flirt may not even want to date the other person, but they still like to flirt just for the sake of it.


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