12 Texts You’ve Definitely Received If You’ve Got An Amazing Boyfriend

If you’re lucky enough to have a unicorn boyfriend who shows you how special you are to him every single day, he’s probably pretty amazing via text too. Here are some of his texts that make you need Botox because you smile so much after reading them — if you’ve received any of these, you’ve got a keeper:

  1. “Morning, beautiful.”  Who doesn’t want to start their day knowing A) their boyfriend is thinking of them as soon as he got his sexy butt out of bed and B) that they’re beautiful? It’s a double ego boost that’s sure to make you start your day on a high.
  2. “How did it go at the dentist/doctor/with your work presentation?” You were going through something tough and your boyfriend remembered to ask you how it went. He’s scoring major points here! It’s such an amazing feeling to know that you have someone who’s there for you at the end of the day and totally supports you.
  3. “I can’t wait to see you.” It’s sad that so many guys stop texting this to you before your dates once the relationship has settled. Knowing that your BF still looks forward to seeing you after months of being together makes you feel so special and loved.
  4. “So I’ll be there at five.” (And then he’s punctual.) Texting to confirm the time of your date or when he’ll pick you up is awesome because you don’t have to run after him asking if your date’s still on, and it shows he’s looking forward to seeing you. When he texts date time confirmation and rocks up at exactly that time and no later, crack open the champagne for dinner because you’ve got a keeper!
  5. “I want to talk about it in person.” Some things just shouldn’t get talked about via text, like when you’re about to get into an argument or when he’s about to tell you that he loves you for the first time. Kudos to the guy who knows when to take a serious and meaningful conversation away from texting and into a real-life setup.
  6. “My friends think you’re awesome.” It’s one thing for a guy to tell you how much his friends are looking forward to meeting you, but quite another when he texts you after the meeting to tell you that they liked you. This prevents you from worrying that they didn’t think you’re cool and is the chivalrous thing to do.
  7. “You make me a better man.” Note: this is way different to when a guy says you make him WANT TO BE a better man, which toxic a-holes tend to say to keep you hanging on for the day they’ll step up to the boyfriend plate. When a guy tells you that he’s already become a better man, thanks to your amazing presence in his life, it’s a huge sign that he’s in it for the long haul.
  8. “Let’s go to that ballet you wanted to see.” He’ll sit through a three-hour ballet instead of going to check out the basketball game he was dying to see? Wow. He knows what’s important to you and the value of compromise in a relationship. Much respect.
  9. “I’ve ordered you the pizza without anchovies but extra cheese.” You’ve had a crappy day at the office and get this text on your way home to your boyfriend. What’s so great about is that he remembered that you’re allergic to anchovies and he wasn’t shy about adding extra lashings of full-fat cheese, even though it makes you bloat and break out. He wants to make you happy and doesn’t care if you indulge. Yippee!
  10. “I’m thinking about you.” This might seem like a cliched text to receive, but it hits all the right spots. Knowing that your guy randomly has you on his mind is sexy AF and shows how unforgettable you are.
  11. “I love your… (insert specific, non-physical trait).” Saying “I love you” for the first time really should be done in person but receiving a text from your BF about what specifically he loves about you is awesome. He’s open about his feelings and pays attention to the details that make you such a catch. And when he doesn’t keep these loving messages limited to how sexy you are, it’s refreshing because it means he loves you for more than your booty.
  12. “I’m sorry I made you feel…” You and your BF had a fight and then you made up. All was good between you, then you received this sweet message. Your boyfriend wanted to apologize to you again to make sure that you know he didn’t want to hurt you. A guy who shows you how much he cares and wants to make sure you’re really okay deserves amazing makeup sex.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.