13 Signs He’s Not Sure About You And Why That’s A Good Reason To GTFO

He’s great and all, but you have a sneaking suspicion you enjoy your dates with him more than he does. Paranoid? Not if he’s showing these 13 signs that he’s not sure about you.

He says he had a great time, but… When you leave a date with him, he texts you a few hours later saying that he had a fantastic time. That makes you think he’s keen to see you again, but then he doesn’t make plans to see you. WTF? His words and actions just don’t match.

He’s dragging his feet. You’ve gone out for more than several dates and he still hasn’t said anything about making your relationship official or being exclusive. He’s not sure about you and might even tell you that straight up. But you know what? Not being sure is the same thing as not being into you enough. Period.

He doesn’t want to change his status. You’ve been dating for a while but he’s still listed as “single” on Facebook. WTF? This is a classic sign that he’s not interested in taking things further or he’s in limbo about the relationship. But screw that. You want things to progress or stop completely—hanging around waiting for things to become more official is such a waste of your time.

He doesn’t make the extra effort. You want to be around a guy who makes you feel like a queen. This guy doesn’t look at you like he’s smitten. He doesn’t care about you on dates. He doesn’t even bother to bring the car around when it’s raining outside. Ugh. It’s those little things a guy should do to make you feel special that he skips every time.

He blows hot and cold. So, what keeps you hanging around? Although he sometimes blows cold, there are times when he turns up the heat in a big way. He can be charming, lovable, and totally interested in you. It’s infuriating! Mixed messages suck, but just because he’s all over the place doesn’t mean you need to be dragged into his confusion.

He’s frustratingly mysterious. At first, it was sexy that he was such a mysterious guy, but now it’s plain annoying. He keeps his emotions locked up inside and answers your questions with vague responses. If he was 100% sure about having you in his life, he’d be opening up and letting you in.

He tests you. This is a weird one, but it’s almost like he’s frustrated with himself for not knowing if he wants you or not, so he’ll find ways to test you to see if you’re worth dating. It’s like he hopes it’ll help him decide. For instance, he might suggest eating snails on a first date or going bungee-jumping to see how you react. If it feels like the guy’s trying too hard to take you out of your comfort zone, it’s a red flag. Leave him because you don’t need to jump through hoops to impress anyone.

You’re confused AF after dates. You should be feeling good when you drive home after a date with the guy, but you’re feeling confused. You find yourself picking through things he said for evidence that he likes you and wants to see you again, but they never add up. That’s because he’s not giving you clear messages.

He checks out on dates. He’ll regularly whip out his phone and text other people during dates. Even when his phone’s not on the table, he’ll look distracted AF. What’s up with this guy? It’s like he’s never completely immersed in the moment. You deserve a guy who gives you real attention.

He uses the wrong labels. When a guy tells you that he wants to “hang out” with you instead of go on an actual date with you, it’s a sign that he’s just not interested enough. Totally unacceptable.

You’re last on his list. He’s not consistent. He doesn’t always reply to your texts. He makes promises to see you, but then other stuff gets in the way. Geez, how far down are you on his list of priorities? You should be with a guy who’ll clear his schedule for you and make time to call you. It’s really not a lot to ask for.

He mocks love. When you watch a romcom together, he’s quick to say how cheesy it is or that he’s not romantic at all. When you tell him about your friend’s emotional love story, he rolls his eyes or tells you that love’s overrated. Is he joking or what? You should take it seriously. A guy who brings love down in your presence is really saying, “Don’t expect more than casual dating from me.”

He’s way too sane. You want to date a guy who’s crazy about you. You want him to be a little nervous about asking you out and going on a first date with you. You want a guy who blurts out how he feels about you and takes a chance, instead of hesitating or making you second-guess him constantly. You deserve a guy who knows what he wants and that you’re the one for him. You want the big love, not something lukewarm, which is the only thing an unsure guy can give you.

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