13 Signs Your Relationship Is Strong And You Don’t Need To Worry

No couple is perfect, but how do you know if you’re worried about the strength of your relationship for no reason? There are some important signs that will tell you if you’re a couple that’s built to last.

You have good intimacy. You should have a healthy sex life. This doesn’t mean you have to have sex all the time, but you should both be satisfied in that department. It’s also about your emotional intimacy. If you understand each other’s needs and feelings and you make the other person feel loved, you have a strong foundation.

You trust each other. You’re loyal to each other and are honest about everything. You’re faithful to your relationship agreement, whatever it may be. You trust the other person to go out alone and you don’t need to check on them every five minutes. If you don’t trust the person, you’ll end up suffocating your partner and pushing the person away. Trust is absolutely critical for a good relationship.

You embrace each other’s imperfections. Everyone has faults. You don’t have to love every little thing about your partner all of the time. However, if you can’t get past your partner’s flaws, your relationship may be doomed. If you accept everything about the person, your relationship has a greater chance of lasting.

You support each other. You’re there for one another during challenging times and good times. If your partner disappears when the going gets tough or checks out emotionally, it’s not a good sign. If you handle life together as a unit, your relationship is pretty solid.

You respect each other. You respect the other person’s opinions and feelings, and you don’t put them down. You always take your partner’s views into account when doing anything. You need to have that mutual respect, otherwise, it’ll create imbalance and resentment that could lead to the breakdown of your relationship.

You appreciate one another. You say “thank you” and you show your partner that you’re appreciative, even in small ways. You need to acknowledge the things your partner does for you because when you both feel appreciated in the relationship, you feel much more fulfilled and loved, which makes for a healthier partnership.

You double date. Studies show that when couples have meaningful interactions with other couples, it increases the love within couples. This may be because seeing others appreciate your partner’s strengths reminds you what it is you admire about your significant other in the first place. If you have regular get-togethers with other couples, it means your relationship may be better off.

You make decisions together. When making difficult decisions about a job or living situation, for example, you’re able to discuss with each other and come to a joint decision that benefits you both individually and as a couple. If you’re equal partners, your relationship can definitely survive for the long haul.

You have common goals. Your general life goals also need to align if you want a solid partnership. That could mean building a family, helping each other advance in your careers, or traveling the world together. If you both want totally different things out of life, your relationship probably won’t last.

You have fun together. It’s normal if your partner annoys you sometimes, but you still need to enjoy doing things together and have some common interests or hobbies. Enjoying similar things makes a relationship much stronger than if you do everything separately because it reaffirms your bond. If you still have fun together, your relationship is just fine.

You still have separate lives. If you’re spending every waking moment with your partner and are consumed by one another, you’ll end up annoying each other and feeling unfulfilled. Doing things apart from each other is healthy and leads to a much more balanced relationship. If other people in your life are still important to you too, your romantic relationship is much better off because of it.

You can have tough conversations. You’re able to communicate about everything, even when it makes you uncomfortable. If you communicate well and are able to work through issues as a team, your relationship can survive anything. Being on the same page and understanding each other’s needs and feelings is critical. If you can do this, you’re golden.

You fight the right way. Every couple has disagreements, but it’s how you handle them that determines if you’re a couple strong or a weak one. You need to be able to compromise so that both partners are happy. You also need to know when to let things go and how to effectively move past your disagreements. If you’re able to resolve your issues without just sweeping them under the rug, you probably don’t need to worry about your relationship.

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