13 Signs You’re A Woman That’s Difficult To Love

You meet great guys, but they always seem to leave before the relationship really gets started. You even have a hard time keeping friends. Is it you or them? The problem could actually be you.

You still deserve love. You just have to admit you’re difficult to love and take steps to be a little more open. Once you do, things will start to change.

You don’t love yourself. 

Think about it for a few minutes. Do you honestly love yourself? You’ll never be able to make a relationship work if you don’t value yourself. You have to sit down and realize how incredible you are. The moment you start loving who you are, you’ll be more accepting of others who want to love you too.

Everything comes before love. 

Of course you’re busy. We all are. But when everything in your life comes before love, there’s a problem. You have to make time for friends and relationships. All that hard work to get to the top means nothing if you’re always alone and have no one to celebrate with. Think about your priorities and spare some time for love.

You never believe those three little words. 

A clear sign you’re difficult to love is when “I love you” makes you see red, and not in a good way. For some reason, you just can’t believe anyone actually means them. The thought that someone is lying to you makes you angry. Even if a guy’s telling you the truth, you don’t want to hear it.

Compromise isn’t in your vocabulary. 

You shouldn’t have to give up everything for love – you will have to make some changes, though. If you refuse to ever compromise, you’re not going to be easy to love. Doing something as simple as trying a new restaurant or going to an event that’s important to the guy you’re dating is just part of being in love. Compromise a little or watch love pass you by.

You think you’re perfect. 

In other words, you’re a diva. I hate to break it to you, but you’re not perfect. You have flaws too. Thinking others should bow down to your perfection just means others are going to walk the other way. Be more realistic and realize you have some not so wonderful qualities (like that whole diva/perfection issue).

You like making guys cry. 

You love how guys try to love you, but you tear them down and make them cry. That’s only appropriate if the guy’s a complete ass. Otherwise, you’re being a bitch and not the good kind. You just want to hurt them before they hurt you. Every guy isn’t going to break your heart. Give them a chance and stop being so difficult.

You’re not into sharing. 

Do you bottle up everything? Have you been with a guy for several months and the deepest thing you’ve shared is your favorite color? Love requires a little more sharing than that. You can’t expect others to love you when you refuse to share anything about yourself.

Cynical is your middle name. 

Cynical women are always difficult to love. A certain level of cynicism is fine, but too much is just unhealthy and pushes any loving prospects away. Give people a chance once in a while and you might just find you have a reason to be less cynical.

Your baggage weighs you down. 

It’s difficult to love a woman who’s so weighed down by her past that she can’t see what she has in front of her. If all your thoughts focus on your past and your insecurities, you’re not able to let anyone in. Letting go of the past and learning to love yourself is key to tackling this one.

People keep telling you to open up. 

You’ll probably have exes and friends (possibly ex-friends) constantly telling you to open up. Listen to them. If you’re always being difficult and refusing to share or try anything new, people are going to move on.

You desperately want love, but can’t love in return. 

You crave the kind of love you see in movies, but every time you get the chance, you run away. Even worse, you treat the other person like crap. You have to learn to love if you want to be loved. It’s not always easy to open yourself up like that. But if you want it, you have to take a chance.

You walk away when things get serious. 

It’s fun until a guy mentions the future. Suddenly, you turn into a different woman. You don’t want to discuss future plans or work on the relationship at all. If the thought of being serious makes you want to run away, you’re probably a little difficult to love.

You don’t think you need anyone else. 

It’s fine to love being single, but when you truly don’t think you need anyone in your life, there’s a major problem. You do need love in your life. Whether it’s a boyfriend, a best girl friend or a family member, you need someone. It’s awful lonely at the top while everyone else is happy and loved.

It’s not that others don’t love you, you just refuse to accept it. Give love a chance. You might find the right people don’t care how difficult you’re being, they’ll love you anyway.

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