14 Signs Someone’s A Freak In The Sheets

Regardless of how “normal” or straight-laced someone seems in day-to-day life, there’s just no accounting for the more unique proclivities some people have in the bedroom. Before you hook up for the first time, you should probably be expecting a freak in the sheets if you notice these signs in your potential partner.

  1. They’re pouring sexual confidence. Someone who’s a freak in the sheets has a little pep in their step. They ooze confidence, silently transmitting that they know what to do in the sheets. They may be arrogant, you can stay away from those ones unless arrogance is your thing. There are ones that are confident, but humble. Those are the ones you want. They’ll be respective as well as kinky.
  2. They list kink in their dating profile. This one is a dead giveaway, obviously, but it’s fun to talk about. There are some people in online dating land who are in the kink community. They list “kink” on their profile or they have some pictures that are dead giveaways. Like, they’re tied up in ropes or have a gag in their mouth. These signs are giant blinking lights, guiding you towards a freak.
  3. They have a rich fantasy life. They have the wildest fantasies. They spend a good amount of time in thought about different fantasies they have. Their sex life with themselves is pretty damn good. If they trust you enough to tell you this, it’s confirmation that they’re indeed freaky in bed. Maybe you can get in on making those fantasies a reality.
  4. They smirk when asked if they’ve done anal.  When you ask them if they’ve done anal, they have a sly smirk. Like, of course they’ve done anal and it was awesome. They’re not looking down on you, but they’re basically saying “duh.” Doing anal is an indication that someone’s open-minded in the sheets and willing to try new things. What else are they willing to try?
  5. They identify as a “slut.” This word isn’t reserved for slights and it’s not just for insulting women, either. Someone who openly calls themselves a “slut” is likely to be freaky. They know what they want and who they are and it’s probably the same in bed. They may even be the dominant one.
  6. They’re an experimental eater. A lot of being a freak in the sheets is about experimenting with different things. If they’re able to be wild with their food choices, pushing their limits and stepping out of their comfort zone, why can’t they do the same in bed? I bet they can.
  7. They own a plethora of sex toys. Their home is filled with sex toys. They have ones ranging from strap-ons to butt plugs and everything in between. This is obviously a dead giveaway that they’re a freak. What toy would you be interested in trying?
  8. They have tons of knowledge about sex.  They’re well-informed when it comes to all aspects of sex. They’re good about consent, STDs, and have a lot of knowledge about different positions that are fun. This knowledge has to be put to use and I bet they have some information about how to get weird. They’re sure to.
  9. They’re a great kisser. Perhaps their kissing is wildly passionate and gets you hot pretty much immediately. They use this kissing to graduate to other things like freaky antics. So, get excited if you find yourself a fantastic kisser because they may also be a kinkster.
  10. They speak about sex in an unabashed way. They aren’t shy at all on the topic of sex. Perhaps they’re outspoken feminists or just someone who believes in openness around sex. This kind of person is likely an open-minded freak. They’re talking about their sex life with no shame or hesitation. Of course they’re going to be freaky in bed.
  11. They’re open to experimentation. If someone says that they’re open to experimenting, they’re definitely a freak or a budding freak. Super shy folks don’t open themselves up to a new world like this. Freaks, on the other hand, are all about trying new things.
  12. They stare at you as if you’re a juicy model. They just have this magnetic gaze that can’t be denied. It pulls you in and it tells you “I want you. Hard.” People with this sort of gaze definitely possess the necessary qualifications to be called a freak. Their looks don’t lie.
  13. They have hardcore music skills. Okay, this one isn’t proven, but it seems logical. Musicians are working meticulously with their fingers on instruments. They’re tapping, picking, and stroking away with fervor. This could translate to being slick with their hands in the sheets.
  14. You just get that vibe. You know when you’re talking to someone, kissing someone, or around them and you just get an intuitive feeling that they’re a total freak in bed? Well, listen to that feeling. Go ahead and pick up that freak—you won’t regret it.
Ginelle has been writing professionally for more than six years and has a bachelor’s degree in digital marketing & design. Her writing has appeared on Birdie, Thought Catalog, Tiny Buddha and more. You can follow her on Instagram @ginelletesta, via her Facebook page, or through her website at ginelletesta.com.