14 Things Men Wish Women Would Do More Often

Ask a woman what she thinks a man wants most and the obvious answer is sex. Still, sex is just one of the many things men wish women would do more often. Believe it or not, they’re about far more than sex. In talking to many of my male friends, I was surprised to find out what they wished their girlfriends and wives would do more. They just never actually ask for these things. Why? They don’t want to sound like a woman.

Go ahead and use these ideas to spoil your guy. You might find giving a little more, especially outside the bedroom, could lead to him giving more to you. Plus, he’ll be extremely surprised that you understand his needs so well.

Boost his fragile ego. 

Your man might seem strong and impervious to any negative comments, but his ego is incredibly fragile. You have no idea how hard he is on himself when you turn him down for sex. Give him compliments now and then. Tell him how sexy he is and how helpful he’s being when he takes out the trash.

Don’t wait for him to make the first move. 

Single guys hate having to always be the ones to make the first move. They’d love it if a woman would come up and buy them a drink or move in for the first kiss on the first date. Besides, making the first move leads to fewer corny lines from him.

Rub and scratch away his stress. 

Your man wants your hands all over his body, but not in a sexual context. Okay, so he does want that, too, but what I’m talking about is a relaxing head scratch or back rub. Remember, he gets tense, too. Take the time to pamper him and relieve some of his built up stress.

Try being Don Juan for once. 

While he’ll never admit it to you, men want to be romanced sometimes. Cook him a romantic dinner or whisk him away for the weekend. Go ahead and buy him some small gift and send it to him at work. He’ll love knowing you were thinking about him.

Take charge during sex. 

Traditionally, women follow the lead of the man during sex. Men love having you take charge sometimes. Roll him over and get on top. Seduce him and show him how badly you want him. Wanting to take charge is a major aphrodisiac to your guy.

Ask about his day and actually listen. 

We accuse guys of not listening, but we’re guilty of doing it, too. Honestly, how much do you remember when he’s talking about his coworkers? While you’re eating dinner, ask him about his day. Listen and ask questions. Encourage him to open up. He loves knowing you care enough to ask.

Watch something he likes without complaining. 

Let’s face it – men and women aren’t always going to love the exact same shows and movies. Be willing to compromise. If he wants to watch an action movie one night, watch it with him and don’t complain. Find something to enjoy about it. Not only will he be more willing to watch what you want later, it makes him feel like he’s sharing a part of himself with you.

Take him out on a proper date. 

Men aren’t the only ones who can pay for dinner or plan a night out. Did he have a long week at work or hit a home run during the community baseball game? Treat him to a date night where you pay and take him to his favorite restaurant. Or, better yet, get creative with your date night.

Tell him what gifts you want. 

No guy likes playing the guessing game when it comes to your birthday, Christmas and anniversary. Skip the subtle hints. He won’t get them. Show him several different gift ideas. You get what you want and he doesn’t have to decipher all those weird hints.

Encourage him. 

Remember how guys have fragile egos? When it comes to making a change in his life, he needs encouragement. Maybe he wants to eat better, exercise more or change careers. Whatever it is, be supportive. Guys need a shoulder to lean on sometimes too.

Let him know what’s working… in the bedroom, that is. 

You’ll deflate more than his ego if you never make a sound during sex. Besides, if you want him to get better, you have to let him know what’s working. Moan when it feels good, scream when it’s great. Tell him something feels good. All he wants is clear feedback. If you’re not comfortable doing it during, tell him what you liked most afterwards.

Try being more adventurous. 

Men and women have a bad habit of getting comfortable in a relationship and even in their own individual routines. This makes things stale. Men really wish women would be willing to be more adventurous when they suggest spicing things up. For instance, he might love hiking, but you always say no. Give it a chance with a small one mile hike. Always end up in the same positions during sex? Try something new now and then. Help him break out of the same old routines.

Make clear decisions. 

Guys hate it when they ask what you want to do and you say “whatever” or “I don’t know.” It’s even worse when you turn down every one of their suggestions. Men just want you to be more decisive sometimes. Skip the “I guess” and “maybe” answers and try more “yes” or “no”.

Oral, lots of oral. 

You had to know this would be on here. Every guy wants more oral in his life. Even if you’re amazing in bed, some oral foreplay makes it even better for him. Of course, he loves it even more if you’re enjoying yourself in the process.

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