15 Signs A Man Feels Lonely In His Marriage

15 Signs A Man Feels Lonely In His Marriage

Loneliness is a destructive experience that can damage your self-confidence and health. Although it’s easy to assume that being married means that loneliness can’t touch you, this isn’t always the case, Verywell Mind reveals. People who feel isolated in their marriage can experience its negative side effects while feeling unwanted or unloved by their partner, which is heartbreaking. Here are 15 signs that a man feels lonely in his marriage.

1. He avoids meaningful conversations with his partner.

Loneliness can cause a man to want to avoid his partner altogether. He’ll choose small talk and surface topics instead of getting elbow-deep in a serious or heavy matter. He might do this because he never feels heard, so he doesn’t think there’s a point to it.

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2. He spends a lot of time away from home.

It’s natural for a man who feels lonely to want to avoid being home, especially because sitting in the same room with someone and feeling alone is one of the worst experiences. At least when he’s not with his spouse, there can be other distractions in the form of friends or work.

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3. He’s walking with a slouch.

Loneliness can cause you to experience a lack of confidence, which can show up as bad posture or other signs of negative body language. Men who feel isolated could also be depressed or suffer from low self-esteem, both of which can show up in their nonverbal communication.

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4. He’s secretive about his behavior.

A lonely man might become more private when it comes to his actions and thoughts, preferring not to share everything with his partner because it doesn’t feel good. Maybe he feels misunderstood or he’s trying to avoid a fight, which happens all too often these days, so he keeps his lips zipped.

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5. He’s socially withdrawn.

Although someone who’s feeling alone might want to reach out to other people, the opposite can also be true. Since feelings of loneliness can result in anxiety and depression, he might prefer to stay home instead of socializing with others.

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6. He avoids certain hobbies.

If there are certain hobbies or interests that a man used to enjoy with his partner during the good times of their relationship, he might struggle to maintain them now when he’s feeling so alone. Those hobbies could remind him of what he’s lost in his marriage or make him worry about how to find happiness again.

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7. His health is taking a hit.

If a man’s very lonely, it can affect his immune system. The reason? Stress places a burden on it, causing various health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, hypertension, or diabetes (via The Lancet).

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8. He’s experiencing insomnia.

It can be difficult to get proper sleep when one feels lonely in their marriage. This is because the increased stress associated with loneliness can interfere with their ability to relax, interrupting their regular sleep pattern, Duke University School of Medicine notes.

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9. He’s drinking more.

Someone who’s feeling the stress of loneliness might turn to booze and other substances to find an escape from the unhappy situation at home. This can lead to greater complications in their relationships and worsen their health issues.

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10. He’s seeking validation from friendships.

Instead of becoming socially withdrawn, a man who’s lonely in his marriage might try to reach out to people outside of his relationship. For example, he might join classes in his neighborhood to meet new people or try to forge closer connections with his friends.

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11. He’s neglecting his appearance.

Carrying the weight of loneliness and depression on their back can cause them to care less about their appearance and health. They might look untidy or avoid putting in the effort to dress up, which can make people form a negative impression about them.

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12. He’s moodier than ever.

With all the complications that a man can experience when lonely, such as anxiety and stress, it’s no wonder that this can wreak havoc on his mood. He might be snappier with loved ones or experience extreme mood swings because he’s so overwhelmed by his feelings.

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13. He seems distracted.

stressed man working out financesShutterstock

Speaking to a man who’s feeling the horrible effects of loneliness in his marriage can be difficult. At times, it might seem like he’s zoned out of the conversation because his mind is so swamped with his hardship. Which brings us to the next point!

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14. He’s carrying negative energy around.

man head in hands in living room

It’s only natural that going through the difficult and soul-crushing experience of loneliness in a marriage can make a man find it challenging to be positive and upbeat about life. He’s not only dealing with feeling alone but the possible end of his marriage.

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15. He’s obsessed with work.

Seeing as though his home life isn’t fulfilling him, a lonely man might find himself wanting to spend more time at the office. Maybe he puts in lots of overtime or he even sleeps in his office so he doesn’t have to return home at night. This can further make him feel isolated.

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