15 Suggestive Texts That Stop Short Of Full-Blown Sexting

If you’re an awkward sexter but still wanna get your feet wet without going full-on raunch, you’re in luck—here are some foolproof texts to send his way that’ll get him sorta turned on without making you want to die of embarrassment.

“Hey, just laying in bed right now.” This is a great way to start out any sext convo. It’s a little innocent, a little “wink wink” and will instantly get his head spinning. You don’t even need to give any more details—he’ll be more than happy to fill in the rest.

“I had a dream about you last night.” This will totally get his wheels turning. You aren’t being straight up explicit about the fact that it’s most likely a sex dream, but he’s gonna want to know all the details on what happened in dreamland as soon as possible. This one is especially good if you haven’t gotten naked yet but want to plant a seed of your intentions with him.

“I can’t wait until you kiss me again.” This one’s cute, not too raunchy and can easily lead to more graphic sexting on his part, although it might very well just encourage more cuteness from his end. If that happens, maybe add in something like, “I meant, I can’t wait for you to kiss me all over my body.” Phew, that’s hot.

“I wish you were here to keep me warm.” Great for the winter months. He’ll get the tingles thinking about huddling up next to you, preferably with no clothes on. It’ll also make him feel like “the man,” all protective and stuff.

“My boobs feel bigger than usual today for some reason.” Hey, it happens! Especially during that special time of the month. He’ll go mad wishing he was there to touch them himself and the fact that you squeezed them before you sent the text will be pretty hard for him to erase out of his mind.

“Remember last time we had sex?” Just asking an innocent question. You’ll get either a “yeah, let’s do it again,” a “yeah, when I did ___ to you,” or just a “yeah…*winky face*.” Either way, it’s gonna lead to something sexy.

“Guess what I’m wearing right now.” You don’t even need to be wearing the outfit, guys just wanna be entertained. When he replies with, “What? Tell me!” go with something along the lines of no underwear or no bra. The less clothing covering your sexy bits, the hotter he’ll get for you. You can also make him guess if you really wanna get him on the edge of his seat.

“It feels so good when I take my bra off at the end of the day.” Again, the less coverage, the better. He’ll go nuts thinking about you undressing yourself and the possibly walking around your apartment sans bra will just be too much for him to handle.

“I’m feeling frisky today.” You can follow it with, “I don’t know what’s gotten into me!” and a winky face emoji for a bit of an innocent touch. He’ll be more than happy to give you suggestions on how to “appease” said friskiness.

“I’m blushing right now just thinking about you.” It’s adorable but also a little naughty. Knowing that the thought of him gets your blood pumping and your cheeks hot will make him feel like a million bucks.

“Just wondering…what kinda stuff are you into?” You’re just curious. No harm here. Maybe get the ball rolling by telling him one of your fantasies. Not only are giving him an opportunity to open up about his sexuality (guys love this, by the way, because they feel they can’t really be that open about it) but it’s also a great ice breaker to even sexier territory.

“I ran out of underwear so I’m not wearing any today, don’t tell anyone!” Guys like the idea of their girl getting potentially accidentally “seen” by others. It’s thrilling to a lot of men for some reason. It’s a little exhibition-y and super exciting. He’ll go crazy over this one.

“It’s so hot in my apartment right now, I’m definitely gonna sleep naked tonight.” What’s hotter than a hot girl in nothing but her birthday suit? With the thought of you laying all sexy-like in your bed without any clothes on, he’ll be practically begging to come over.

“I just read this really hot erotica and now I’m all riled up.” Maybe if he gives you a chance to tell you about what you’ve just read, he’ll apply it to your next “session” together.

“What do you wanna do next time we’re in bed together?” He’ll take this as an opportunity to lay down some sexy ideas he’s been keeping in the ol’ noggin’ for a rainy day. Some of the things he’ll come up with might end up surprising you, in an intriguing kinda way.

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