16 Comebacks For Dealing With Unapologetic Liars

16 Comebacks For Dealing With Unapologetic Liars

It’s not very nice when someone lies to your face. What’s worse is when they won’t even apologize. If you’ve had it up to here, it’s time to hit them with a witty comeback. Here are 16 comebacks for unapologetic liars so they’ll think twice before lying to you again.

1. “I guess we have different versions of the same thing.”

Sometimes, you want to go in a bit light when confronting a liar. You can do this with a vague, slightly jabbing comment, like stating that you have different versions of the same situation. This could help them to realize that they’ve been busted.

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2. “I’m upset that you broke my trust.”

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Comebacks can be difficult to come up with. But expressing your true feelings is always a good way to go. Let them know you know they’re lying and it’s unacceptable behavior.

3. “I’d rather stick to the facts, thanks.”

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Call out an unapologetic liar by telling them that you prefer the cold, hard facts. This is an easy way to shut them down and put a stop to their stories. You’re not outright saying you’re over their lies, but it is most certainly implied.

4. “I just want to know why.”

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If you’re wondering why the person even felt the need to lie, now’s the time to ask. Even if they haven’t actually admitted to lying, this comeback can put them in a corner and force the truth out of them.

5. “Oh, I know the facts.”

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Catch a person mid-lie by interrupting them and saying that you know the facts. This will make them wonder what you actually know and it gives you a bit of an upper hand.

6. “Keep telling yourself that!”

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If someone’s lying to you, such as by telling you nasty gossip they heard about you, a quick way to shut them down is to say something like, “Keep telling yourself that.” It shows the person that you don’t care what they have to say and it doesn’t give them the reaction they were after.

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7. “Wow, you really have a low opinion of me.”

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When someone’s lying to you, it’s insulting and offensive. Sometimes, the best way to call someone out is to be honest—let them know that it makes you feel like they think you’re not good enough (because that’s how it feels).

8. “What do you mean?”

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Here’s a different approach: Play dumb. Don’t give it away that you know they’re lying so you can ask more questions (and get more answers).

9. “Tell me again.”

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You can poke holes in a liar’s fake stories by asking them to repeat themselves. This might annoy them, but once they launch into their story, you’ll quickly see that they’re losing track of the truth. Sure, their stories might seem too polished, but you’re about to crack them wide open.

10. “Hmmm.”

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Instead of raging at a liar, throw them a curveball by answering with a phrase like, “Hmm” or “Go on.” This encourages them to talk—chances are, they’ll feel nervous and start tripping over the words. You’ve got them right where you want them.

11. “Are you sure?”

Challenge the so-called “facts” that the person is dishing out. They’ll likely backtrack because they probably don’t have any real facts to confirm what they’re saying.

12. “We’ll chat later.”

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This strategy is a shutdown to the entire conversation, because why should you stand there and listen to such lies? You can also use this via text. It’ll leave the person guessing about what you really think. Perfect.

13. “Woah, I think your nose just grew an inch!”

Another humorous response to someone’s lies is to say something like, “Woah, I think your nose just grew an inch!” You’re calling them out on a lie, but without directly telling them. It throws them off until you’ve gathered your thoughts.

14. “Are you nervous?”

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You can derail a liar by focusing on the signs their body is giving you. If they look tense or uncomfortable, then call them out and see what happens.

15.  “Is that your final answer, or do you want to phone a friend?”

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You’ve busted a partner or friend for lying. It’s serious, but you can make things lighter by making a joke about it. The great thing about this line is that you’re giving them a chance to tell the truth and/or come clean.

16. “Your lies are hilarious!”

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Sure, it’s sarcastic but sometimes that’s what the situation calls for. This is a great way to let them know they’ve been caught and you’re not here for their untruths.

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