25 Texts You Should Never Send To A Guy

Certain texts might be great for your friends, but not for your boyfriend. Whether you’ve just started dating, been together a while or aren’t quite official yet, there are some texts that guys never want to receive. Worse than that, some can actually be deal breakers. Commit multiple texting sins on this list and you might just find your guy has disappeared, never to text you back again. Do you really want to lose a great guy over bad texting habits? Probably not, so you should avoid these big faux pas.

1. Anything with extra letters

This one gets on my nerves, too. Just send “Hey” instead of “Heyyyyy.” It’s childish and makes a guy think he’s dating a tween instead of a real woman. Go ahead and spell the words correctly and skip adding in extra letters.

2. “Why haven’t you texted me back yet?”

This one comes in many forms, but you get the point. You freak out when he doesn’t text you back quickly. Your reaction is to text him to ask him why he hasn’t texted back. Give him some space. You can ask him why he doesn’t respond in person. The quicker you do this after sending a text, the crazier he’ll think you are.

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4. More emojis than text

Unless you’ve both agreed to an emoji-only conversation, skip the abundance of cute little images. He doesn’t want to try to decipher your message, he just wants to read actual text and move on. Adding one or two to make your emotions clear is all you need.

5. “Where have you been? I haven’t heard from you…”

Immediately asking where your guy’s been when he texts you after a few days (or worse, after a few hours) just makes him think you don’t trust him. He does have a life outside of you. Accept it and don’t freak out on him.

6. The repeated text

You send a text, only to send another a few minutes later asking if he got the first one, followed by another a few minutes later to ask if he’s there and what he’s doing. Rapid-fire texts or even sending the same one over and over is straight-up annoying.

7. Late-night texts asking what he’s up to

Unless you want to hook up or tell him goodnight, skip the late-night texts. Want to know what he’s up to? Probably trying to sleep, if you’d quit texting him.

8. Anything that makes you seem like a stalker

Want to creep your guy out? Send him a random text telling him you see him or you’re there with him. Not only is it weird that you’re following him, but texting him to let him know is borderline stalker behavior.

9. “We need to talk.”

If you need to talk, call him or meet in person. It’s not right to ever text this. Be respectful, call him to meet you and then tell him it’s time to talk.

10. “My period is late.”

Okay, so you’re probably freaking out and might not be thinking clearly. Still, imagine being him and getting this text. Call him instead. He’s going to have questions and it’s best to actually hear what emotions he’s going through in the process.

11. The first “I love you.”

Texting anything about love is only okay after you’ve both said it to each other in person. It just seems like a desperate move to get him to respond to you. If you can’t say it in person first, don’t text it.

12. Any type of breakup text

This is just rude and cowardly. Breakups should never happen via text. Do it in person, or at the very least over the phone.

13. The wrong pics at the wrong time

It’s not hot to send a suggestive pic when you know he’s at work. Besides, do you want his co-workers seeing all your naughty bits? Opt for a flirty or suggestive text versus a picture.

14. Nudes in general

While he might like getting a pic of your body, it’s never a good idea to send them to him unless you’ve built a foundation of trust. You don’t know where he’s at or what he’ll do with them. Just don’t take the risk to begin with and possibly embarrass him or yourself.

15. Anything when you’re drunk

Unless you’re calling a cab or Uber, put down your phone when you’re drunk. He doesn’t want any drunk texts. Just don’t even try if you’re already too drunk.

16. Daily updates full of boring life details

Texts are supposed to be quick messages. If he has to start scrolling to read a single message, it’s too long. He doesn’t need to know every detail about your day in a single message. If you need to tell him a lot of stuff, just call him or wait until you get together.

17. “K” or “I guess.”

These are not only confusing but completely pointless. If you respond to a guy’s text with either of these, he’s going to be annoyed, just like you are when he does it to you. Be clear, or you only have yourself to blame if he doesn’t understand.

18. Multiple texts that could have been just one

There’s nothing guys hate more than receiving what should be a single text but broken into about 15 different messages. Don’t just send one word, then another, then another. No one wants line after line of partial sentences that make you seem a little bit like an idiot.

19. Texts that read like a mini-novel

At the same time, you really don’t want to send paragraphs upon paragraphs of text to a guy as if you’re writing a novel. If you have a long story to tell him, maybe ask him to call you or wait until you’re together next time. Having to scroll through an endless wall of words is not appealing, no matter how much he likes you.

20. “I’m bored! Entertain me!”

Even if you don’t come right out and ask him to entertain you, going on and on about how bored you are to a guy sort of sends the message that you expect him to do something about it. It’s a bit of a turn-off when he thinks that you can’t keep yourself busy. Do you not have any hobbies? Other friends? Why are you coming to him with your boredom? Unless you’re trying to ask him to hang out — and really, you should just come out and ask him if that’s the case — this is one of those texts you should never send.

21. “What are we?”

There’s a time and a place to define the relationship, and via text while he’s at work or chilling with his friends is not it. If you want to know if you’re exclusive, if he considers you to be in a relationship, or if he plans on staying casual forever is a conversation that needs to be had while you’re together in the same place, not one that you type out one night when you’re feeling paranoid and clingy. Contain yourself.

22. Texts that make you look like a stalker

If you see that he uploaded a picture of himself and his friends at a local bar, for the love of God don’t text him and say something creepy/borderline stalkerish like “I hope you’re having fun at [bar name here]! I love their cocktails…” You will look unstable and pathetic and he will likely (and rightfully) head for the hills.

23. Texts that are trying to keep the conversation going past its sell-by date

Conversations tend to have a natural ending place, even when it’s with someone that we like a lot. When things start to lull and there’s not much to say on a given topic or in general for now, let the chat end with grace. Don’t try to keep hammering away by saying pointless things that mean nothing just to keep him talking to you. You’ll have more luck if you let things go quiet for a bit and get back in touch when you have more to say.

24. “Thinking of you.”

Granted, this one is really cute when it’s a message you’re sending to a long-term partner, but with a guy you’re only just getting to know and starting to date, it’s a bit much. You’re basically laying all your cards on the table and letting him know that you’re nuts about him. Unless you’re 100% certain he’s on the same page, consider this one of the texts you shouldn’t send and just daydream in peace.

25. Passive-aggressive texts

If you’re annoyed at something he did or didn’t do, don’t be passive-aggressive in response. Answering his questions with “nope” or “dunno” is basically shorthand for “I’m really pissed off but don’t know how to use my words like an adult so I’m being a baby.”

26. Texts looking for validation

We all get insecure sometimes, but taking that out on the guy you’re dating is not a good look. Don’t send him messages like “do you still like me?” or “why do you even want to date me?” because they reek of insecurity and that isn’t hot. Let him compliment you naturally and when he wants to. Fishing for validation will always backfire.

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