You Can Manifest Absolutely Anything In Only 17 Seconds — Here’s How

The “17-second manifestation technique,” developed by Abraham Hicks, is based on the idea that visualizing something (or someone) that you desire for 17 seconds straight is the perfect way to make it a reality in your life. Esther Hicks believes that pretty much everything on the planet has its own vibration, and all you need to do is tap into the specific vibration of the thing you want in order to utilize the Law of Attraction on it and bring it into your life.

  1. Decide what you want to manifest. We have to start somewhere, right? You can’t manifest anything without knowing what (or who) exactly that is. Maybe you’re hoping to get a date with that hot guy who works on the floor below your office. Or, you might be eyeing a promotion, dreaming about a vacation to your dream destination, or thinking about a house that’s on the market that you’re putting in a bid for. Whatever it is you want, get a clear picture of it and hold it in your mind.
  2. Focus on that desire for 17 seconds. Set a timer or watch the clock and start focusing on that desire. The key is to hold this thought without distraction or doubt for 17 seconds. What does your life look like with the object of your desire in it? In what way would your life improve? How would you feel? Focus on imagining not only what it would be like, but what it actually is already. This draws the things you want closer to you.
  3. Give the manifestation more power by repeating it multiple times. After the first 17 seconds, if you can hold the thought without any distraction or contradiction, you can make the manifestation even more powerful. Every multiple of 17 seconds (34, 51, 68 seconds, etc.) intensifies the energy around the thought. If you manage to focus strictly on the object of your desire and nothing else for 68 seconds — which is only a little over a minute, in reality, so not long at all! — it’s believed that the Universe’s work truly begins.
  4. Let go of the desire and trust that it will come your way. After the 68 seconds of manifestation have passed, the 17-second manifestation technique instructs us to completely discard the thought and let it flow out of your body and into the universe. You should be able to do so easily at this point. No more obsessing or fixating — you’ve done your work and now it’s time for the Universe to do its own.
  5. Think positively about your manifestation. Your manifestation is never going to work if you’re a total Debbie Downer and doubt that it’s possible. A healthy dose of skepticism is usually a good thing in life, but the key to manifestation is believing it’s possible. If you feel good when thinking about your desire, you’re on the right track. If you secretly think it’s never going to happen, it probably never will. It’s just that simple.

Does the 17-second manifestation technique actually work?

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  1. Some people swear it works. There are plenty of people who insist that manifestation techniques like the Law of Attraction and the 17-second technique totally work. They truly believe that everything from career successes to houses and cars are a direct result of these practices. And hey, who are we to judge?
  2. It could be a placebo effect. More naturally cynical people would say that if someone genuinely believes that a technique will work, the placebo effect might take over. In other words, even believing that the method is working could bring about actual positive changes in your life that you then attribute to the technique even though it’s really not.
  3. It can’t harm to focus your energy. One undeniable benefit of the 17-second rule is that it encourages focused attention on positive intentions and desires. This is a good thing! It can lead to increased motivation, better decision-making, or even just a better understanding of the things you really want in life and that matter to you most.
  4. There’s no actual scientific evidence that it works. If you’re looking for a study or medical journal touting the proof that the 17-second manifestation technique is scientifically sound, you’ll be waiting a while. While there’s plenty of research on the power of positive thinking, visualization, and intentionality, pinning outcomes to a precise time frame like 17 seconds hasn’t been conclusively studied or validated. And to be honest, it probably never will be.
  5. It’s not without its downsides. One of the potential drawbacks is getting caught up in “magical thinking.” This is where you basically think the Universe will bring everything into your life that’s meant to be there and that you don’t have to do any work or put in any effort to make it happen. This isn’t true, of course. Even if you believe in fate, you surely believe that you have to work for what you want and do things to make your desires more likely to happen. However, if you keep a good head on your shoulders, you’ll be just fine.
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