18 Signs He’s Developing Serious Feelings For You

You’re sure he likes you because he tells you that often enough, but how deep does it really go? Look for these signs he’s developing feelings for you and you’ll know exactly where you stand.

  1. He talks about you to other people in his life. Before you even met his friends or family, they knew about you and how excited he was about having you in his life. The introduction seemed natural since they’ve heard so much about you, they almost felt like they knew you already.
  2. He considers you before making decisions. This is one of the biggest signs he’s developing feelings for you. If he wants to do something with you on the weekend, he’ll first ask if you’re keen instead of just going ahead. The same applies to things that are part of his life, such as getting a dog or taking a holiday overseas. You’re an important part of his life so he’ll check in with you first.
  3. He’s shared his email/Facebook password with you. No, not because you asked for it. You needed to send an email or you couldn’t log onto Facebook, so he gave you his password without worrying about it or making a big deal about you looking at his messages. This is a good sign that he’s got nothing to hide and will share private things with you.
  4. He wants to know details. He’s not just curious about your life and day at the office. He’ll go one step further by wanting to know details about you — what you’re passionate about, what makes you angry, what drives you, and even how your hairdresser got your hair dip-dyed to look so gorgeous. There’s nothing about your life that sounds boring to him. He wants to know everything about you.
  5. He shares his passions. He loves riding his bicycle early on Saturday mornings and invites you to go along. He opens up about his life-long dreams and wants you by his side for the journey. When someone shares what makes them feel alive with you, they’re opening up their most vulnerable and valued parts. It’s an act of trust.
  6. He switches his phone off. He prevents anything from interrupting your time together, so he’ll switch off his phone and tell his friends not to come by. He just wants you all to himself so he can give you his full attention.
  7. He’s locked the door to his past. He doesn’t let his ex-girlfriends creep back into his life. He might be friends with some of them, but he makes it clear to you that it’s purely platonic. You don’t have to worry about an ex who texts him late at night or one he puts ahead of you on his list of priorities because the past is no longer a part of his life.
  8. He gives you the key to his life. If this isn’t one of the biggest signs he’s developing feelings for you, I don’t know what is. When you’re with him, you feel like the door to his entire life is open to you alone. You don’t feel like there are certain things he won’t share with you or that he’s mysterious (read: shady) about.
  9. He makes — and sticks to — future plans. He’ll invite you to a concert a month ahead of time or plan a fun weekend getaway for the following spring. He’s confident that you’ll still be together in the future and he keeps his plans set in stone.

More signs he’s developing feelings for you

  1. He texts after every date. Not just to tell you that he had fun, but how much he likes you and spending time with you. He’s open with you about his feelings for you and how much value you bring to his life.
  2. He doesn’t let time pass between dates. He’s quick to make plans for the next date after you’ve had a great one. You never have to wonder if he’ll invite you out again because he’s on it!
  3. He’s consistent. He means what he says and follows through on his words. He’s reliable and you don’t have to wonder about why he hasn’t texted you for four days because he makes sure not to let that amount of time pass before his messages are lighting up your phone.
  4. He lets you see his flaws. He’s not trying to impress you by seeming like the perfect guy. He’s real, and that means he’s flawed, but he won’t try to hide that from you. He trusts you to see him for what he truly is.
  5. He talks about taking big steps together. He has a plan for the future and it definitely involves you. He’ll talk about moving in together at a later stage, for instance, and even if he’s only hinting at it in passing, it’s a good sign that he’s got you in his future plans.
  6. He makes you feel safeYou feel secure around him because you know you can trust him. You can also be who you are and share your deepest feelings without the fear that he’s going to judge or criticize you.
  7. He can be affectionate outside of the bedroom. It’s not just about sex with this guy. He can show you affection by cuddling, holding you tight, or kissing you for hours without it always leading you to the bedroom. He’s got more than sex on his mind. This is one of the biggest signs that he’s developing real feelings for you that go beyond just sex.
  8. He supports things that belong to you alone. You share a lot in a relationship with someone, but there are things that belong to you only, such as your career, your dreams, and personal goals. Your boyfriend is serious about you when he can respect these things and support you.
  9. He does things just because. He’ll make you a delicious cup of hot chocolate when he can see you’re stressed or buy you a pretty scarf just because he thought of you. It’s these little gestures of affection that show you that you’re on his mind when you’re around him and out of sight. He’s crazy about you!

What makes a guy develop deeper feelings for you?

  1. You’re as authentic as it gets. You don’t try to be anyone else, and you definitely aren’t interested in pretending to be his version of an ideal partner. You’re unapologetically yourself and really couldn’t care less about what anyone else thinks about you. Your insistence on embracing your true self is incredibly attractive and admirable, so it’s no wonder he’s developing feelings for you.
  2. You still have your own life and let him have his. When some people get into relationships, it’s like the rest of their lives fall by the wayside and all that matters is their partner. That’s not the case with you. Not only do you not attach yourself to him 24/7, but you also love that he has his own life away from you too and openly encourage him to do his own thing and hang out with his friends whenever he wants. How refreshing!
  3. The two of you share true intimacy. I’m not talking about intimacy in the bedroom (though there’s plenty of that too), I’m talking about emotional intimacy. There’s nothing you can’t talk about with each other, and he knows he can tell you anything that’s on his mind and you won’t judge him for it. That kind of connection is tough to find and he’s well aware of that.
  4. There’s passion in your relationship. Again, this doesn’t mean in the bedroom even though that’s included. You’re passionate about your lives together. You’re passionate about everything you do together and everywhere you go. You make every day feel like something new and exciting even if you’re just part of the same old routine.
  5. You’re his biggest cheerleader and a vital part of his support system. It’s no wonder you’re noticing signs he’s developing feelings for you when you’re right there behind him as his biggest support and source of encouragement. With you by his side, he feels like he could accomplish absolutely anything and to be honest, he probably could.
  6. The physical attraction is off the charts. Yes, this part is important too. It’s no secret that sex is incredibly important to men (and many women!) and that without this kind of chemistry, it will never last. If your connection in this way is off the charts, you’re well on your way to winning his eternal devotion.
  7. He can picture a future with you. He’s not going to let himself develop feelings for you if he knows your relationship is never going anywhere. However, if he can picture you in his future (or rather, he can’t picture himself without you), he’ll know he’s safe to let himself get attached to you and fall hard.
  8. He makes you happy and he knows it. Guys like to feel like they’re wanted and needed in relationships just like women do. It’s great to be independent and to be proud of your self-sufficiency, but if you make him feel like you’re totally fine without him, he’s going to think maybe you’re better off that way. Showing him you appreciate him and how happy you make him will make him feel like a million bucks, not to mention way more likely to go head over heels for you.

Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.