18 Uncomfortable Questions Every Christian Should Ask Themselves

18 Uncomfortable Questions Every Christian Should Ask Themselves

Faith is a journey, not a destination. It’s easy to settle into a routine of worship and beliefs, but true growth often comes from asking tough questions. This isn’t about doubting your faith, but about strengthening it by examining the space between what you believe and how you live it. Here are 18 thought-provoking questions to spark some introspection and maybe even a little discomfort.

1. Do my actions reflect my beliefs?

It’s easy to talk the talk, but do you walk the walk? How does your everyday life – how you treat others, spend your money, use your time – line up with your faith? If you say you value kindness, does that come through in the way you interact with people on the daily? Are you the same person at church as you are at work or school? As New Life Ministries points out, it’s important that your actions mirror your beliefs.

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2. Am I judging others more than loving them?

We’re all called to love our neighbors, but sometimes judging feels easier. Are you focusing on pointing out flaws, or extending grace and understanding? Remember, everyone’s got their own struggles, and it’s not our job to be judge and jury. It can be hard to remember, but even the people who annoy us the most deserve God’s love too.

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3. Is forgiveness a struggle for me, even when I pray for it?

Holding grudges weighs us down. Are you truly letting go of past hurts, or are you secretly keeping score? Forgiveness is tough, but it’s also really important – not just for the other person, but to free yourself from bitterness. Sometimes we have to forgive people even when they don’t apologize because holding onto anger only hurts us in the long run.

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4. Am I living in fear of judgment, or am I living in faith?

Fear can be a powerful motivator, but it shouldn’t dictate our lives. Are you letting your faith guide your choices, or are you constantly worried about messing up or what others might think? God loves us unconditionally – focus on that instead of stressing about every little mistake. Don’t be afraid to try new things or step outside your comfort zone in the name of your faith.

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5. Am I only comfortable with Christians who think exactly like me?

Our faith is about community, not a loyalty test. Do you shy away from people with different beliefs, or are you open to learning and growing together? We can learn a lot from people who aren’t exactly like us – maybe it’ll even make your own faith stronger! Building friendships with people of different beliefs shows that your faith is strong enough to handle it.

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6. When was the last time I truly challenged myself with scripture?

The Bible is full of wisdom, but it can also be challenging. Are you just sticking to familiar passages, or are you actively seeking deeper understanding? Don’t be afraid to tackle some tougher parts or read commentaries that give different perspectives. The Bible isn’t always easy to understand, but digging into some of those more difficult topics can be really rewarding.

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7. Am I using my faith as a way to avoid personal growth?

Sometimes, faith can be a comfort zone, The Atlantic points out. Are you using it as an excuse to avoid facing your flaws or working on yourself? Growth is good! Our faith should push us to be better people, not just give us a way to stay the same. Are you honest about your flaws, or do you hide behind your faith to avoid changing?

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8. Do I tithe (donate) out of obligation, or out of a joyful heart?

Giving back is important, but it shouldn’t feel like a chore. Is your giving motivated by genuine desire to help others, or just a check on the to-do list? If it feels like an obligation, maybe it’s time to rethink why you’re giving and where it’s going. Do some research on charities or causes that really resonate with you.

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9. Am I spending more time criticizing other religions than spreading the message of love in mine?

Our faith is about love and acceptance. Are you focusing on what makes your religion right, or on sharing the positive aspects of your beliefs? Putting down other religions isn’t going to win anyone over – focusing on the good your own faith does is a lot more powerful. Try learning about different faith traditions – you might be surprised to find common ground!

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10. Am I honest with myself about my own doubts and struggles?

No one has all the answers. Are you bottling up your doubts, or are you open to exploring them and finding stronger faith through them? It’s okay to have questions! Sometimes the process of working through those questions can actually make your faith stronger.

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11. Am I finding myself judging others based on their appearance or lifestyle?


We’re all created in God’s image. Are you making assumptions about people based on outward appearances, or are you seeing them for the individuals they are? Looks can be deceiving – try to get to know the person behind the hairstyle or the way they dress.

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12. When was the last time I truly served someone in need, without expecting anything in return?

Faith is about action. Are you finding ways to serve others, or are you mostly focused on your own spiritual growth? Volunteering your time or helping someone who can’t repay you is a great way to put your faith into practice.

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13. Am I using my faith to avoid difficult conversations about social justice or inequality?

Our faith calls us to fight for justice. Are you using your faith as a shield to avoid uncomfortable conversations about the world around you? Remember, Jesus spoke out against injustice – maybe we should too.

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14. Do I find myself cherry-picking Bible verses to fit my own agenda?

The Bible is a complex text. Are you taking things out of context, or are you striving to understand the full message of scripture? Don’t just pick out verses that support what you already believe – be open to being challenged by what you read.

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15. Am I more focused on religious rituals than on having a personal relationship with God?

Faith is more than just going to church. Are you nurturing your own connection with God, or are you relying solely on outward practices? Take time for prayer and reflection outside of your usual church routines.

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16. Do I shy away from sharing my faith with others for fear of rejection?

Sharing our faith can be scary, but it’s an important part of living a Christian life. Are you letting fear hold you back from sharing your beliefs? Sharing your faith doesn’t have to be pushy – just living your life in a kind and compassionate way can be a powerful witness.

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17. Am I using my faith as an excuse to stay in my comfort zone?

Faith calls us to grow and change. Are you letting it push you to become a better person or are you using it to stick to what’s familiar? Don’t be afraid to try new things, meet new people, or challenge yourself for the sake of your faith.

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18. Is my social media presence a reflection of my faith?

The online world can be a double-edged sword. Does your online presence showcase the kindness and compassion you strive for in your everyday life? Remember that what you post reflects on your values – even when you don’t think about it that way.

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