40 Questions Couples Should Be Able To Answer If They’re Dating For Real

Part of the fun in a new relationship is getting to truly know the other person little by little. Starting from the very first date, you’re exposed to their likes, dislikes, quirks, hobbies, and interests, and your knowledge deepens the longer you’re with them. Do you know everything you should know about them by now? Here are 40 questions you should definitely have the answers to if you’re the real deal.

  1. What’re the first names of everyone in their nuclear family? This means parents, step-parents, siblings, and any step-siblings. Bonus points if you can name all their cousins, aunts, and uncles!
  2. What’s their current dream job? Like, in an ideal world, what would they be doing every single day? No matter how ridiculous it is, you should know this about them (and encourage them to go for it regularly).
  3. What was their dream job as a kid? Everyone had one, and we all still remember what it is. It seems like a silly question but can tell you a lot about your partner.
  4. What is their favorite color? Because if you don’t know this, what’s even the point of dating? You need to know what color toothbrush to pick up for them before your next vacation, don’t you?
  5. What are their major food likes and major food dislikes? Come on, you’ve surely been out to eat enough that these should be super easy.
  6. What is their favorite movie? You should’ve watched it by now, right? If you’re not sure about their absolute favorite, you should at least be able to name two or three that they really like/can recite all the dialogue to.
  7. What is their favorite book? If they don’t like to read, what are you even doing with them? Books are the best.
  8. When did they have their first kiss? Don’t tell me you aren’t interested in those teenage drama stories!
  9. What is their favorite flavor of ice cream? Everyone has a single favorite flavor. Bonus points if you know their favorite brand too. You can learn a lot about a person by knowing whether they prefer Ben & Jerry’s or Haagen-Dazs.
  10. What is their alcoholic drink of choice? Wine? Red or White? Beer? What type? You have to know these things!
  11. And their favorite mixed drink? Unless they don’t like any mixed drinks, but come on!
  12. What is their favorite Instagram filter? For when you post pictures of them, duh! And if you’re not posting pictures of them, that’s a problem.
  13. Who is their most important role-model? If they don’t have one, who’s someone that they really admire and look up to?
  14. What sports did they play growing up? This one is pretty easy if they are still playing that sport.
  15. What is their all-time favorite song? If they listen to a ton of music, knowing several top favorites is also permissible.
  16. Where did they grow up? If you aren’t both still in your hometown, that is.
  17. Where did they go to high school? Yes, those were dark years, but surely you’ve talked about it!
  18. Do they prefer cats or dogs? Why? Everyone has some kind of explanation.
  19. What places have they traveled to? In the age of Instagram, this is a super easy one.
  20. What’s their favorite boxed cereal? Any answer other than “Cinnamon Toast Crunch” is wrong, just for the record.
  21. What is their favorite social media site? If they say Twitter, run for the hills (just kidding).
  22. What is a talent they have that most people don’t know about? You should at least know about it so you can make them perform it for you regularly in private.
  23. What’s their love language? How do they show their love and how can you best show your love to them? Knowing the answers to these things is the crux of any healthy relationship.
  24. What’s their favorite way to travel? A plane ride to keep things fast, a car ride to stay in control, or a train ride to take in all the sights?
  25. What’s their zodiac sign? If you haven’t tried to see if you’re both compatible based on astrology, you’ve been making a huge mistake… or at least missing out on a lot of fun.
  26. What city do they aspire to live in someday? Even if it’s just a pipe dream or you never plan on moving there, there’s no harm in knowing.
  27. What is their favorite internet meme? If they don’t have one, the relationship can’t be saved!!
  28. PC or Mac? There’s definitely a right and a wrong answer here.
  29. How do they listen to music? Spotify, Apple Music, record players, etc.
  30. Have they ever been to a foreign country? If so, which one(s)? Which are on their bucket list?
  31. What are some things they hope to accomplish in the next five years or so? Obviously, you don’t have to know all of them, but you should be able to name a few.
  32. Who’s their best friend? Because knowing their friends and various people in their friend group is super important.
  33. What are their political views? You certainly don’t need to be able to list their position on every single issue, but knowing generally what they think of the world is crucial (especially because if you totally disagree, your relationship might be in trouble).
  34. Are they religious or spiritual? If so, what faiths or ideologies are they a part of? How do they practice their faith or spirituality?
  35. What was their major in college or what do they want to major in? If college isn’t for them, what kind of topics are they interested in reading and learning more about?
  36. Have they ever tried drugs? This includes softer stuff like weed along with harder drugs.
  37. What is their favorite holiday? Bonus points if their answer is more obscure but you still remembered it!
  38. Are they an introvert or an extrovert? Introverts get energy from being alone while extroverts get energy from being with people. You can be an outgoing introvert and vice versa, but it’s still helpful to know which category your partner considers themselves to fall under.
  39. Do they prefer coffee or tea? And when you know the answer to that, do they prefer iced or hot?
  40. What’s their favorite clothing brand? If they don’t have one, what kind of things do they typically like to wear?
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