8 Little Things Guys Don’t Realize Mean A Lot To Women

Navigating relationships can be difficult at times, especially if you and your boyfriend have different opinions on what really matters. It may seem a bit ridiculous or cheesy, but there’s a lot of truth in the science of love languages. Sometimes it’s hard to express how much specific actions mean. Little things like holding the door open for someone can be a sign of respect, but the person holding that door may see it just as common courtesy. Small gestures can become incredibly meaningful to the right person, and sometimes guys may not realize how their actions are truly viewed by their girlfriends. Here are just a few things they might try.

Taking care of car issues

 There are plenty of female mechanics who are doing an incredible job out there. Women can like cars and be into car repair — don’t get me wrong. But for some women, it’s can be a confusing obstacle to figure out. So, it’s kind of nice when guys take over and have no trouble getting the oil changed or taking your vehicle to get maintenance, especially since it’s common knowledge that plenty of mechanics can overcharge women. Sometimes guys just like these types of tasks and just do them without asking.

Actually listening without interrupting

Most women leave a lot of the heavy gossip and venting to their girlfriends, but having a boyfriend who will eagerly listen and care about your day is always very touching. It’s especially nice when you talk about something your boyfriend doesn’t have a lot of natural involvement in, like your job. Being able to talk for the sake of talking is something that signals a strong relationship.

Remembering who friends are

 If you have a large group of friends, it can be hard for an outsider to keep them all straight. But, attempting to do so means that he genuinely has an interest in you and wants to learn more. Repeating small details he picked up is a great sign that he’s listening and involved. That’s something that women really respect.

Remembering food preference

Here’s another small detail that is great for guys to remember: your food preference. If he swings by a McDonald’s on his way home, he’ll know to pick up some McNuggets for you if he knows they’re your favorite. Or, he remembers how you like your coffee. You might not realize it, but this is a small way to take a bit of the burden off of you. Instead of having to repeat yourself over and over again for an order that never really changes, you’ll feel more understood knowing he’s locked in this information.

Willingness to sit through movies he wouldn’t watch on his own

 And, bonus if he’s not snarky about it. Think about how many action movies you may have reluctantly sat through, just for the chance to spend time with him. That should go both ways. So if he’s willing to accompany you to a small film with subtitles and try to get into it himself, he’s a keeper. It’s okay not to have the same exact tastes as your partner. But, at least trying to understand it goes a long way.

Taking selfies

It’s far more important to enjoy the moment than to try and get the best photo of that moment. But, pictures are still important. Pictures help capture the memories and the experience. Taking a selfie or two together is a good way to look back at the fun you had. And, if this relationship was built to last, the second it took to take that photo will be appreciated far down the road when you’re both older. When guys don’t make a big deal about getting their picture taken, it means a lot.

Acknowledging thanks

We all learned about “please” and “thank you” back in preschool, but as adults, those words don’t occur quite as often — especially for couples who are more or less on autopilot. Taking the time to say “thanks for planning such a fun date” is important, and girls always pick up on it. It’s a kind gesture that doesn’t cost anything. Remember, it’s important to never act like your significant other owes you anything. Kind gestures should always be recognized.

Using humor to diffuse a situation

Having a funny boyfriend can take a lot of tension out of the relationship. And, having a boyfriend who tries to turn a negative situation into a positive is a blessing. If the two of you are on a vacation and a lot of your plans are rained out, having a boyfriend who’ll think up a funny indoor activity on the spot can change the entire day around. Joking about the vacation may even create a few good inside jokes that’ll make you see the plans in an entirely different way. Funny people often know not to take life too seriously, and it’s great when a boyfriend steps in and sees the positive.

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