8 Reasons Single Showers Should Be A Thing

For years now, we’ve been attending bridal and baby showers for all our closest friends, family, coworkers… the list goes on and on. We shell out tons of money from our single person income to celebrate the love of others and welcome new tiny humans into the world, but what if we never get a chance to celebrate those same milestones? What if we don’t want to? Let’s introduce and start having Single Showers, because we deserve to be celebrated for who we are all on our own.

  1. It’s a way to be positive about the madness. Being single long term definitely comes with it’s tough times. We go through some terrible heartbreaks and disappointments, and a celebration to show and acknowledge we’ve survived that is a way to make the lives we’re living ones we can continue to navigate with the same strength.
  2. We can laugh off our horror stories with champagne. Brides and grooms toast while their guests tell lighthearted tales to bring joy to the occasion — and for us singles, we have plenty of our own stories to laugh about from our journeys. Our friends can get up and toast to that one time we went on a horrible date and they had to bail us out with a faux emergency phone call. What better way to laugh off the hard times than with the company of friends who are there in our honor?
  3. Our registries would be mostly alcoholic. While most registries we’re used to consist of expensive household appliances or cute and essential baby items, ours would be much more simplistic. All we really want is some vodka, wine, maybe some nice new stemware, a pizza and more vodka. It’s basically like a bachelorette party, but with no wedding to follow. Penis straws aren’t necessary — we’ve already received more than enough unwanted penis pics to make up for it.
  4. Surviving solo long-term is an achievement in itself. It’s not just about the fact that we’ve financially figured out how to do all the adult things in life on one income, it’s also about the emotional battles we’ve beat without anyone to truly support us through the thick of it all. We deserve a pat on the back for being as emotionally strong and capable as we have been for so long.
  5. It’s an excuse to have a party. Because who doesn’t love a party, right? Single Showers aren’t intended to be an attempt at getting something back for all the times we’ve opened our wallets and hearts to everyone else. It’s also an excuse to have another party to celebrate and to acknowledge that we’re living dynamic lives, even if we aren’t getting married or having children.
  6. We’ve been supportive and deserve the same appreciation back. Us single girls are always the ones who are there in support when anyone in our lives make progress in their lives, and yet we have no way of realistically getting that same type of honor in return. The idea of having a Single Shower isn’t unwarranted or selfish — it actually makes complete and total sense if you think about it.
  7. Singles have personal milestones too. In the absence of love, we’re slaying careers, upgrading our education, working multiple jobs to survive this constantly changing economy and taking on just as much life change as everyone else but in our own personal ways. It would be nice if we had our friends there in support to help us celebrate surviving and moving to our own next chapters in our lives.
  8. Times are changing, and so should we. Being single long-term and even well into your 30s is a new norm these days. Relationships without marriage and lives without ever having children are also becoming a lot more common than ever before. Traditions are changing and being single long-term is a milestone in itself that deserves to be celebrated. Single Showers need to be a thing not just because we’re fabulous, but because we deserve to toast the honor that is surviving this crazy storm of life and dating, broken hearts and all, completely on our own.