8 Signs You’re Finally Ready For A New Relationship After A Bad Breakup

So, you’ve made it through. You’ve made it through an incredibly difficult breakup that left you feeling heartbroken and hopeless. It was one of the hardest things you’ve ever had to go through but, you’re here, you’re still standing, and you’re finally starting to feel like yourself again! When you were going through the thick of it, the idea of ever dating again was the most unappealing thought ever but now, you’re starting to think about it again. Here are a few signs you’re ready for a relationship and willing to give love a shot.

  1. You’ve stopped obsessing over your ex/relationship. At the beginning of a breakup, it’s nearly impossible not to obsess over the relationship as a whole. You’ve probably spent countless hours going over memories and situations in your head, wondering what could’ve been, if there was some way you could’ve fixed the relationship, where things went wrong, etc. You’re not wrong for thinking all these things but at long as they’re still in the forefront of your mind, you’re not going to be able to move to someone or something new. If you find yourself forgetting about the relationship or at least not thinking about it for long stretches of time, you might be ready for a fresh start!
  2. You don’t feel afraid of being hurt again. This is one of the biggest signs that you’re finally ready for a relationship again. It’s totally normal to feel skeptical and afraid to jump back into the dating pool after a nasty breakup. You’re probably terrified of letting yourself be vulnerable again. There’s no shame in being afraid of having your heart broken again. When that fear is so strong that it makes you extremely hesitant to talk to anyone new or meet anyone, it might just not be the right time for you to try dating again. Be patient with yourself and let yourself heal in your own time. Don’t rush the process because it won’t feel right until it’s right. If you don’t have that same fear when you think about getting into a new relationship with someone, you might be ready to get out there again.
  3. You find yourself noticing other people. When you’re getting over someone, it’s very hard to see anyone else as having dating potential. You have blinders up and all you’re thinking about is your ex and what the two of you could’ve had. You’re probably not going to notice any cute coworkers or attractive people when you’re out and about and you probably have no desire to hop on any dating apps and talk to anyone there. However, if you find yourself being attracted to people more and more and having an urge to strike up conversations with people and get to know them, it’s possible that you’re ready to throw your hat back in the ring.
  4. You feel lonely for a partner. It’s normal to feel lonely after a breakup when you’ve been used to having a partner with you and then suddenly you don’t. But when you’ve just ended a bad relationship, it’s normal to want to be alone for a while. It’s normal to find romantic connections unappealing while you’re still adjusting to life after that bad relationship and healing. Once you find yourself wanting to have those romantic feelings for someone again, and wanting to have a companion again, you might be ready to date again.
  5. You envision a future with someone. After a nasty breakup that leaves you heartbroken, it’s hard to imagine a future with anyone where you could be happy and have the happily ever after that you might want deep down but not believe is still possible. It’ll take time, patience, and spending time self-reflecting on who you are and what you want out of future relationships. However, if you can start to picture yourself finding “the one” and having this incredible life that you want and deserve, it’s possible that you’re starting to feel ready for a new relationship.
  6. You have an actual crush. When you’re getting over someone that you really cared about or were maybe even in love with, it can be extremely difficult to notice anyone else in a romantic way. You’re healing from a painful breakup and you need time before you’ll be ready to consider having those same feelings for anyone else. If you meet someone that seems to make you feel those crush-like feelings again and you could even picture a relationship with that person, you might be ready to start dating again. Make sure you’re not pushing yourself too soon, though.
  7. You have the urge to browse dating apps. Dating apps and sites are completely unappealing when you’re still hung up on an ex but after the pain has subsided and you feel healed from that emotional trauma, you might start to have the urge to do some swiping and see who else might be out there. If you don’t quite feel ready to commit to a date with anyone but you still have the urge to check it out, go right ahead! There’s nothing wrong with downloading a few apps and seeing if there’s anyone that you could potentially click with. If it feels right, strike up a conversation and see where it goes!
  8. You feel in your gut that you’re ready. The most important sign when deciding if you’re ready for a new relationship is also the most simple one. Just listen to your gut. You know deep down if you’re in a good place and that you want to try again with someone new, so give it a go! You don’t know how it’s going to turn out, but you might just be a few dates away from meeting the love of your life. You’re ready for a relationship, so get out there and get it!
Shelby is a journalist and fiction writer raised in the South but built for the big city. She's a book nerd (well, an overall nerd, honestly) and coffee addict and obsessed with all things leather and lacy.

She has a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and Media Studies from Sam Houston State University and worked for her university newspaper, The Houstonian, as well as serving as a producer and part-time entertainment anchor for Cable 7 Huntsville. You can follow her on Twitter @shelby777.