8 Ways Losers Trick You Into Falling For Them

8 Ways Losers Trick You Into Falling For Them ©iStock/franckreporter

He’s charming, charismatic and super hot but there’s also something off about him. You figure you’re just being paranoid because of so many crappy dating experiences so you decide to give him a chance. Before you even know it, you’re in his game. Wtf is happening??

  1. He plays you hot and cold. He always gives you just enough attention and shows just enough interest to keep you interested in him. One minute it feels like he just can’t get enough of you and the next he’s ghosting you. It’s player 101 material, but no matter how old his trick, it still gets the job done.
  2. He says things he doesn’t mean. You might think he’s falling head over heels, but if those three little words come too fast, it might be because he doesn’t really mean them. That’s a big step and it shouldn’t be taken lightly, but the trickster doesn’t care and he’ll do anything to get under your skin. His words are empty, but when you finally figure that out, it’s already too late.
  3. He makes promises he can’t keep. Further than that, he never even intended to keep them. He says he’ll love you forever. He tells you that you’re “The One.” He promises to never hurt you, but they’re all just lies. A real man knows that a promise is sacred because words are all we have. This player doesn’t cower at your disappointment. There’s no promise too big or lie to extravagant to keep you hooked, because keeping you on the line is all that matters.
  4. He feeds you generic lines. Ones that he uses on girl after girl. They’re just as meaningless as they are sappy, but somehow you fall for them every damn time. You want so badly for someone to sweep you off your feet and make you feel like you’re not just another girl. He plays off that insecurity, so just remember, your confidence is his weakness.
  5. He makes you feel safe. It’s a false comfort, but he’s preying on your need for stability. He makes you think he’ll always be there and then he leaves you high and dry. For just a short time, you feel like maybe you’re not alone in the world, like you’ve found the one person that will always be there. That’s only what he wants you to believe, though. When it really counts, he won’t be by your side.
  6. He shows you only the guy you want to see. Never the reality of who he really is. Surprise, surprise, it’s not just the mean girls that are two-faced. You look past the red flags and fall for the nice guy show he puts on. When he slips up on his act, you look the other way because you so badly want to believe he’s one of the good guys. You play into every trick and he loves you (more like himself) for it.
  7. He makes you believe there’s always a chance. When he’s not ready for a relationship or when he needs some space, he always leaves you on the hook for the promise of “maybe someday.” He gives you hope that things will work out in the end. You might not be able to be together right now, but someday you could. He just leaves you hanging because he loves the way you keep coming back for more.
  8. He pretends to be vulnerable. He knows that the best way to get you hooked is to play the victim. He tells you one sad story knowing that you’ll fall for his helpless act. He’s a master of his art. Seriously, he’s giving an Oscar-worthy performance, and that’s why you fall for it every time. You can’t help but be there for a guy who’s down on his luck and had his heartbroken. Meanwhile, you don’t even realize how he’s about to break yours.
Kelsey Dykstra is a freelance writer based in Huntington Beach, CA. She has a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from Grand Valley State University and been writing professionally since graduating in 2013. In addition to writing about love and relationships for Bolde and lifestyle topics for Love to Know, she also writes about payment security and small business solutions for PaymentCloud.

Originally from Michigan, this warm weather seeker relocated to the OC just last summer. Kelsey enjoys writing her own fictional pieces, reading a variety of young adult novels, binging on Netflix, and of course soaking up the sun.

You can find more about Kelsey on her LinkedIn profile or on Twitter @dykstrakelsey.